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My name is Jenny. I am a sufferer of severe eczema, allergies and urticaria. I've created this blog to help create awareness about severe eczema, to explain to others who may or may not know me the pain I have to go through on a daily basis, and to hopefully give solace to others who suffer from the annoying condition. Eczema can be debilitating and is recognised as a chronic illness.

I am not here to give medical advice but just to document my own individual condition. We are all different after all!

*Please do not use any of my photographs without my consent.*

Through writing this blog I have discovered the evil condition "Red Skin Syndrome" which can occur through abusing topical steroid creams, as directed by doctors who tell patients to ignore the instructions that come with each tube of cream and ointment. I believe this is what I am and have been experiencing and so, as of May 22nd 2013, I have stopped using topical steroids to treat my eczema. You can find out more about Topical Steroid Addiction by visiting the Itsan website.

Check out this video too. It's very informative.


  1. Hi Jenny
    would it be possible to use some of your post for my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theallergyshop
    Please, let me know.

  2. Hi jenny - i would love to have an email chat with you chelle@socialsparkle.co.uk

  3. Hi Jenny!
    Just wanted to say that posting pictures from your skin condition and telling your story is very brave and admirable. I'm very sorry that you have to go trough all of this, feeling pain and living in constant fear of how you are going to feel and look the next day. I suffer from atopic eczema, so I don't have it as bad as you do, and I feel like I already have it too bad.

    I want to do kinda the same thing, use my condition to help others. Although I don't heve the courage to show pictures of my bad skin yet. One of my biggest fears is that someone actually sees how I look at my worst.

    I'm going follow your blog for now on! And I wish your body starts to co-operate.


  4. Hi!

    Thanks so much for the blog and sharing your experiences with eczema.

    I have eczema too, and I just thought I would get in touch to tell you I have set up a small social network over at www.ecze.me.

    I think your experiences could be really valuable to others, and I would love for you to join.

    Hope to see you on Ecze.me!

    All the best,

  5. Hello Jenny,

    My name is Crystal Laughlin and I am a representative of SBT Seabuckthorn, a Canadian manufacturer of high quality, Health Canada approved, nutritional supplements and all natural skin care products. Upon reviewing your blog I noticed that you are looking for natural products for treating eczema. Our all natural SBT Seabuckthorn Eczema & Dermatitis Soothing Salve has shown great results in both adults and children. We would love to offer you a complimentary SBT Eczema & Dermatitis Salve with the expectation that it will not only relieve the itching, but will also heal your skin. If you would like further information on our Eczema & Dermatitis Soothing Salve please check out our eczema page on our website at www.seabuckthorn.com/eczemasalve.htm. If you are interested in our offer please feel free to e-mail me back at crystal@seabuckthorn.com .

    Thank you for your time, consideration, and courage

    Crystal Laughlin
    SBT Seabuckthorn

  6. Hi Jenny,

    My name is Deepak. I want to first start off by saying I have a lot of respect for you and what you are doing. This will enable many eczema sufferers to share their burden of having to deal with this fierce condition.

    I am also an eczema sufferer and over the years have tried cream after cream (avoiding steroids as much as I can) but after some heavy research I have luckily stumbled upon the cure for my eczema. I tried seeing Dermatologists, Chinese Herbal Docs etc.. but then came across Dr Deepika Rodrigo who altered my diet and prescribed me some herbs and a natural cream/balm to use as and when needed, in place of steroid, aqueous cream. The site is www.dermaved.com. There are pictures similar to yours some maybe worse so you are not alone.

    I honestly felt like I was at the stage of my life where I wouldn't be able to turn this condition around, but I am so thankful that there is help out there. Dr Deepika is very intelligent and knowledgeable so please give it a go if you haven’t already found a solution. Let me know what you think of the dermaved cream/balm. I want to share my discovery to as many people as I can because people think there isn’t a cure..but there is! Then you can start up a new blog called I-Had-Eczema.blogspot.co.uk 

    Good luck!

    Many thanks, Deepak Panesar

    Ps. Please feel free to contact me anytime you wish to ask about my experience - d33paks@hotmail.com

  7. PLEASE TRY ANTIHISTAMINES !!! Eczema is the overproducing of histamine in your body. I take an oral 10mg of Loratadine, generic brand, every day. It takes 3 days to be effective and I have been eczema free for months! Thank GOD a Skin Dr with a nasty bedside manner shouted that out to me as I left her office, frustrated and angry. Wear gloves when you wash your hair or do dishes or use cleaning materials. The BEST lotion is Cerave, costly but does not irritate. When I reached menopause the entire palms of my hands broke out with the typical eczema blisters. OH THE ITCH!! Then came the lesions. That was a horrible experience! Several doctors said there is no known cause and therefore no cure, I searched until I found the answers. All they did was give one steroid after another, none worked. PLEASE give antihistamines a try!

    1. Hi anon, guessing you didn't really have a good read over my blog as I do take antihistamines, 3 different types to be exact. They don't keep my eczema at bay because of how messed up doctors have allowed me to get with the over use of steroid creams. But thanks for your advise nonetheless!

    2. Hi Jenny,

      My name is Deepak, I messaged you on 23rd Oct 2013. Just wondering if you had any thoughts regarding my message?

      Many thanks, Deepak

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  9. Thanks for raising awareness about this Jenny. I have acne and dermatitis and of course my derm wanted me to use a steroid cream for the dermatitis. I said hell no. Hoping to find a solution for both conditions in the future but you've inspired me to not get discouraged and give up.

    Hugs from the U.S.

  10. "Red Skin Syndrome" which can occur through abusing topical steroid creams, as directed by doctors who tell patients to ignore the instructions that come with each tube of cream and ointment. http://homeremediesforeczema.org/

  11. I wrote and article on eczema as a requirement for my Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and it is sitting in my Google Drive doing no good for anyone.

    I would like to share it with others.

    It is 53 pages long, but, one can scroll down through the article to find areas of interest.

    It is annotated with 142 references.

    Currently, I am practicing as a physician assistant in an allergy/asthma/immunology practice (Allergy Partners).

    It seems to be a shame to me that I have not been able to share my findings with others, and I would be happy to see it help someone.

    Please let me know: pdevuyst@allergypartners.com.


  12. I wrote and article on eczema as a requirement for my Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and it is sitting in my Google Drive doing no good for anyone.

    I would like to share it with others.

    It is 53 pages long, but, one can scroll down through the article to find areas of interest.

    It is annotated with 142 references.

    Currently, I am practicing as a physician assistant in an allergy/asthma/immunology practice (Allergy Partners).

    It seems to be a shame to me that I have not been able to share my findings with others, and I would be happy to see it help someone.

    Please let me know: pdevuyst@allergypartners.com.


  13. Christina C. In Louisiana3 February 2016 at 22:36

    Jenny you are very brave and I thank you so much for sharing your experience thus far. My name is Christina, I'm 25 and was diagnosed with eczema at 6 months old and psoriasis at 14. You experience is almost identical to mines. This year alone I've already had 4 regimes of prednisone and triamcinolone, and its only Feb 3rd. It got so bad 2 weeks ago that a carelessly swallowed 15 50mg diphehydramine pills and had to be admitted into psychiatric hospital because it was considered a suicide attempt. I didn't want to die but I was DESPERATE for some itch free sleep...I have 4 boys (5, 2,1,and 5 months old) and between taking care of them and trying to manage my condition, I reached a breaking point and completely shut done..I have NUMEROUS allergies as well to foods, environmental, and certain animals... Stress flares it up as well..last year (2015) was my worse so far...had to go to the er some 20 times for recurring skin infections and boils...going through a divorce did not help, and now I'm findings my allergies have gone from bad to worse..I can't even eat wheat bread and oatmeal anymore...soy too...that's adding to the other food allergies I had already known about....I'm exhausted as well, and its getting increasingly hard to function every but I'm trying to stay strong for my boys. Stay strong and thanks again for sharing your stories.. My mother read your exhausted article and now understands me better for the first time in my life #itchingforacure

    1. I just read your comment, and I really hope you are well and feel better now. Stay strong, things will get better - you have a family of 4 boys! It will get better! Continue trying all options to cure your eczema. Lots of love from London!

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  15. Anyone that has eczema please take a minute to read. My 9yr old daughter has had eczema since she was 3. As she got older each year was getting worse. We took her to several different doctors trying to get control of it. She has been on the strongest compound steroid cream they have, along with a long list of other steroid cream and ointments over the years. All seem to work for a short time but eventually they would stop. It was so bad a highly respected allergist wanted to send her to Colorado to a hospital that deals with severe cases that would cost $50,000.and she would be there for two weeks doing a wet wrap treatment. We were working on sending paperwork to get her admitted ASAP. A week or so later she ended up in the ER she was so bad. The steroid shots cleared her up for two months so we decided to hold off. I share all this with you so you understand how bad it was. This school year she couldn't participate in any outside activities, take shower without crying.She has been head to toe inflamed. Now her skin is almost perfect. Our friends, family and teachers can't believe it. We found a doctor here in Ft Lauderdale that does holistic medicine called NAET. In less than three months of treatment our lives have changed. He has helped two other friends children, one that had super severe allergies from dairy, many different fruits and all nuts. Both children no longer have any allergies. My friend told me over and over again to go see him and it took me a year to say yes. My daughter is no longer allergic to dogs and we are now working on outdoor allergies, peanuts and egg whites. I promised once I go for the blood test for proof I am going to reach out to everyone I can. The proof is already showing by her skin. The best part is the appointments only take 15 minutes and there are no needles or discomfort of any kind. My daughter loves going..
    I recently share this with a running buddy of mine and she said her friend used a doctor in TX and had success with her condition. I hope this helps. I would like to post the doctors name but not sure if I am allow to post his name.

  16. Thank you for sharing your story Jenny. It is a long journey that you have been on and have so bravely shared with everyone. Your documentation of TSW puts a spotlight what recovery looks like I wish there was more information out there on TSW and how it happens. My son has struggled with eczema his whole life and we blog about about everything we have tried, what worked and what didn't. We also have guest posts of other peoples experiences. https://itchylittleworld.com/2016/04/26/top-eczema-treatments-from-itchy-to-inspired/

  17. From the UK
    { Part #1 of a 2-part post, as this blog won't accept long posts! }

    Hi folks, this is from a long-term eczema sufferer, one who has had the condition since childhood, so that's around 60 years now!

    Like many of you reading this, I know how hellish it can be (and yes, VERY well done to Jenny, for being so amazingly honest – you are really something of a hero!) x

    First off, I'm aware that different things seem to work (or not work) for different people; so there is no < generalised > treatment that will always work for everyone. However, over many long years I've studied the condition carefully in an effort to understand what it's all about and what's really going on, so here are some bits of info which you might find useful...

    1. I find it useful to remember that in the human body, the skin is the "largest organ of elimination", ie: it helps to kick unwanted stuff out of the body, in the same way as exhaling, peeing and pooing does.

    2. Like many of you, I have been through the most excruciating periods of skin crises (flare-ups) so I know what it's like!

    3. SLEEP & REST:
    Some general principles which I'm pretty sure will apply to most, if not all of us, are that we need < sleep > (and yes, I DO know how eczema often prevents that!)
    But if we can gets lots (or enough) sleep, then that seems to help our skin eliminate lots of the gunk we've accumulated ... so less eczema and other skin probs then arise.
    Pure and organic < valerian > capsules (or the raw root) helps with stress, and aids sleep.

    Yes, do try to avoid those horrible skin-thinning steroids, if poss! These days, though I do own a tube of steroid ointment I hardly *ever* use it any more, it's just for a dire emergency, should such ever arise!

    A cream that helped lots in the past was Thursday Plantation Hand & Body Lotion, but then they changed the formula! Now it's called < OPTIMA Organic Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion > but ... this 'Optima' version seems to have less TEA TREE essence in it (?) so it's still okay, but not so efficient, so sometimes I mix in extra Tea Tree essence!

    It does help with the itching – maybe due to the lavender and tea tree essential oils? Many health food shops stock it, or will get it in for you, if you ask, – or buy it online (but ensure you get the "Hand & Body Lotion" though, not the other, similar-sounding preparations.)
    Here's just one link, with a photo:

    A cream which is expensive (but goes a long way!) is: "Gentlegreen Soothing Cream" which is an organic product made by a British herbalist woman (Hannah Pearson); see this link: www.gentlegreen.co.uk
    [...Oh, whoops! – that link doesn't seem to be working today, maybe her website is down?]

    5. FOOD:
    I'd advise becoming vegetarian, it seems to help!
    Certainly ensure you avoid any meats which have BLOOD in them! So if you must eat meat, avoid the red stuff! Eat only small portions of 'white meat', such as chicken, or fish, and so forth.

    Important: avoid very hot spicy foods, they seem NOT to help! This includes black and white pepper, curry, ginger, chilli – and suchlike.
    Also, cut back on coffee and tea; drink more calming, herbal teas.
    Sweeteners? Use honey in place of poisonous white sugar, or pure organic < stevia > liquid – which lasts for ages, because it's so strong!

  18. << Part #2 >>

    A long time ago, when I had a very severe 'skin crisis' a brilliant (elderly, now retired) naturopath lady told me to go on to a < grape only > diet, for two long weeks! So I ate NOTHING but fresh, organic grapes – for a whole fortnight!

    This idea was to give my body a really good clean out; this is in contradistinction to the steroid treatments, which SUPPRESS our symptoms. So this clean-out process works WITH the body, not against it. (This is an important principle which some doctors often fail to understand!)

    The naturopathic therapist warned me in advance that my skin might get worse, before it got better, and that proved true; but I stuck with the process and felt marvellous afterwards – and with a very welcome remission from chronic eczema! I have occasionally repeated this grape diet if the skin has got worse.

    Nb: it might be wise to check in with a professional (fully experienced and qualified) allopathic or complementary health expert – and / or your doctor – prior to doing this grape diet, just to ensure yr system won't have any untoward reactions.
    Some people might prefer just to drink grape juice, instead of the whole grapes, but whatever you do, ensure you only use pure ORGANIC juice, with no additives or sugar, because nasty chemicals really won't help you one little bit!

    And on that note: do avoid all JUNK food, it's basically poisonous and extremely bad for your health, in every way possible!

    Alcohol: ensure you avoid it if yr going through a bad outbreak of eczema (and etc) – especially avoid all SPIRITS, and probably wine (esp red wine), so just stick to beer, lagers (or preferably 'real ale'), if you must drink any booze!

    7. STRESS:
    Yup, this is a tricky one! Try to get enough sleep and rest.
    Try to avoid taking any legal, chemical relaxants.

    Drugs: please don't do ANY street drugs! – they have *far* more ghastly mental, emotional and physical side effects than people realise!

    Smoking (tobacco): one way or the other, smoking will *certainly* make your skin worse (as your body tries to eliminate the hundreds of toxins) – so maybe try vaping instead?

    Try some hatha yoga exercises and / or a recognised meditation technique (but please avoid all lunatic CULTS!) Go for long walks in the fresh air, near to nature.

    If necessary, book some sessions with a qualified and < experienced > counsellor / psychotherapist (I'm one of those, but am now retired!)
    If they have a caring heart, are proficient, and know what they are doing, they might be able to help you understand what might be bugging you at some deep level, and this might help you in various ways – including with your eczema-induced low self-esteem!

    I might mention the usefulness of < spirituality >, which can certainly bring some calm into your life, but with so many corrupted religions (and loony cults!) around, it's a fraught topic. Helena Roerich's *Agni Yoga* (via the New York centre) is authentic, but some folk find it difficult to get into; for them, the *Silver Birch* teachings will probably be more accessible (Amazon sells many S.B. books).

    8. Finally, look on the bright side! :-)
    I once heard that some 'nervous' sorts of people get eczema, whilst others get asthma. For all its downsides, overall I think I prefer eczema, over asthma!

    With love,

    ~ A Helper of Mankind

  19. Hi, we love your website and reading your story. I have battled with eczema for 46 years but it was my sons battle that make me come to the decision to write my own story and my sons. We even setup a eczmea website and support group on Facebook. Its called oureczemastory.com Please feel free to check it out. We wish you all the best with youe personal struggles. Carl & Lindsey

  20. very good infomation eczema Eczema outbreaks are typically severe in small children. They don’t understand the complications that can arise from constant scratching; therefore, they continue to itch. If your child is old enough, have an eczema discussion with them. Encourage them to apply lotion or inform you whenever they feel the need to itch. However, for small children, such as toddlers and preschoolers, you need to protect your child’s skin yourself. https://besteczema.blogspot.in/

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