Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Living With Eczema Book

As you are aware I endeavour to spread awareness about eczema and how horrible of a condition it can be. I was contacted in the summer of last year by Mei of to share a picture of my eczema for a book she was co-authoring with her daughter's doctor, Professor Hugo van Bever. Of course I said yes as I love to do anything that may help others.

The book is finally out and is incredibly interesting and detailed as it is split into 3 parts; Learning about Eczema, Living with Eczema, and Eczema and Beyond. The first chapter discusses the basics of eczema and gives an in depth insight into eczema as a condition and why eczema occurs. This then leads on to the second part which details diagnosis, triggers, prevention, treatment and adult eczema. Finally, the third part looks at future research and the things that don't work. Between each chapter we are also faced with questions asked by Mei to Professor Hugo who answers all the things we've ever wanted to know about eczema.

It is a factual book that is written professionally yet can be understood by all and the pictures used are really helpful in giving a better idea of how eczema presents itself. However the only problem is I think there was some confusion when selecting images as the photograph that was used of me was inserted under the eczema herpeticum heading. I don't actually have herpeticum in that picture so it is a false interpretation of what it looks like. I actually had MRSA there.

Image used to depict herpeticum is actually MRSA

Eczema herpeticum with secondary cellulitis infection

For those wondering, yes it does cover the topic of steroids and also steroid phobia, but it is fair in saying that people should not be frightened of them so long as they are not misused. I definitely did, and was advised to misuse them, hence my topical steroid addiction. It also includes a table featuring the potencies of common corticosteroids and another to advise on their application. It does detail numerous other treatments also.

Aside from the photograph issue, I think the book is excellently laid out and written and will be an asset to those who live with eczema and also for those who don't but want a better understanding of the condition.

Thank you Mei for allowing me to help your project.

Book cover

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  1. This is amazing! this has helped me a lot! I have eczema since a few years ago and for me it has been really difficult to accept it. Finding a treatment that actually worked for my type of skin and eczema was a whole journey! Finally, I discovered foderma and the results have been amazing!