Monday, 23 November 2015

2 & A Half Years Steroid Free

As I hit a big mile stone yesterday I figured I'd better make some time to write a blog post on reaching 2 and a half years off topical steroid creams.

Right now I'm really busy with life. I finally have a full time job which I've been doing since the end of September, with two role changes during this time. I've been going to a lot of gigs and having more of a social life. I can't remember my last day of doing absolutely nothing, I always seem to be on the go right now.

I'm still taking Ciclosporin but no doubt I will be asked to come off it soon, but all of my blood tests come back fine each time so my body is in sync with it. I still haven't lost any weight yet but I trust that when my body normalises I will do. My diet is mostly clean but as always, there is room for improvement and I am switching ever more to a vegan diet.

I have also worn make up for long periods on a couple of occasions without any over-damaging effects. This makes me hopeful that my skin is finally toughening up. My eyelids were one of the worst targeted areas for applying steroid creams and it reached a point where liquid eyeliner would burn and eventually even mascara just applied to the eyelashes would cause an awful reaction. I doubt I'll ever be able to wear liquid liner again but I'm happy enough to get away with mascara. Also my eyebrows look fantastic now.

I've also noticed my intolerance to heat has diminished significantly. I've always had poor circulation in my hands and feet, and also have my lips turn blue, but recently I've noticed that this has switched and I'm much more intolerant of the cold. It got to a point where I was unable to wear layers underneath a coat or jacket because I would come out in hives, but now all I do is layer up because I'm freezing cold! I was a lot better over this summer period of tolerating the warm, but the true test will be going over to a hot country to see how I fare then.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still up and down with my skin but it hasn't prevented me from doing stuff recently and I can't remember when I last took a sick day from work because of it. Onwards and upwards!

Recent photo of me from a friends' wedding wearing mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.

I would dig out more photos but I can't be bothered to trawl through my phone so this will have to do you for now ;)

Hope everyone is doing well, and as ever I apologise for my online absence.