Saturday, 23 January 2016

32 Months TSW

Hi everyone,

How the time flies! It has been roughly 3 years since I set up this blog in order to spread awareness of severe eczema, then learning of steroid induced eczema or 'Red Skin Syndrome' and in this time I have had a staggering 330,000 blog views. Your kind emails and comments also mean the world to me as I am humbled to learn that my blog has achieved it's aim of spreading awareness and showing people that they are not alone in this. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have been opened up to me and for those of you who share your own experiences with me to show that I am not alone.

Thank you.

In other news sorry I have been AWOL recently. I work full time now and find it hard to find the time and energy to write on here. But I am still here! Although something scary happened on Christmas day morning. My Google account was 'hacked'. 2 weeks of trying to get hold of Google later, to discover that Google had just decided to change my email address, thus locking me out of my whole account. Cheers Google! Never mind... It's all resolved now!

I bet you're all dying to know how my skin is? Well it still isn't exactly great. My face, neck and arms have recently flared and I think the trigger is stress related. I mentioned that I'm now working full time - it's still within the same company but it's in a different department and I'm learning a hell of a lot. There's only 2 of us in the department and my colleague had a week off after Christmas which was probably the worst time for her to disappear. Needless to say I struggled immensely, and hence the result is that my skin is a bit of a mess. But that was weeks ago now, I hear you cry. Yes it was weeks ago but now that I no longer have the adequate time to heal (read; laze around and do nothing), it's going to take a little bit of time. It is however slightly better today than it was though.

Rashy, dry and wrinkly!

Yes my brows need sorting. But I have some!! & I'm also noticing more baby hairs on my head :)

Splits on my eye lid creases

I am now officially vegan. Shane and I have seen the light and don't want to consume any more dairy - I stopped eating meat months ago. We even enjoyed a vegan Christmas, at both of our parent's houses and it was glorious.

My next step is to try to incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into my diet, but it is hard to think meal-wise what I can eat for lunch at work. I work from 7am so am hardly in the mood to make meals for work. I've been enjoying the night before's left overs or pitta breads and hummus with tomatoes and spinach but I want to try to get away from bread and consume more vegetables instead.

I've been snacking on fruits - kiwis, blueberries, bananas, oranges and apples but find they don't sustain me for long. I can't take huge portions of these things either because I don't have much time to eat them and we're forbidden to eat at our desks so that's a bummer. I would take salads but the prep thing is the only thing holding me back - I haven't actually tried it but I imagine it wouldn't taste so fresh making it the night before? I don't know.

Breakfast is usually a variation of overnight oats or smoothies so I'm definitely getting my quota of fruits in there. I just need more during the day. Also considering probiotics now. Something I've been thinking  I'd try for ages but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them. Does anyone have suggestions of good but cheap ones?