Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Month 14.5 TSW

I've been very reluctant to post on here recently. I'm fed up of whining really but figured I should do an update on what's been happening.

Well I'm now 14.5 months into my withdrawal and I'm still a complete mess. It turns out I did have a staph infection so was given antibiotics but now that they've finished I'm still struggling. I haven't been able to get dressed in the past 3 weeks now bar a couple of times where I've managed to force myself into stuff. It's insane. I've also been off work on the sick for all this time too. I don't return until next Tuesday but I'm scared that I still might not be ready!

I have a lot of important family stuff coming up over these next two weekends and my skin couldn't have picked a worse time to degenerate. Luckily I see the dermatologist tomorrow with the view of putting me on Ciclosporin for a bit, mainly as a compromise because I declined the steroids. I'm terrified of contracting eczema herpeticum whilst taking it, especially with these said events I need to attend but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm hopeful the Ciclosporin will at least clear my skin so I have a cleaner slate to deal with and will hopefully help my skin to heal a bit better.

I've also drastically changed my diet. For the past 3 weeks I've been following a high carb, low fat raw vegan diet. I've seen a lot of helpful information regarding this diet where people have managed to eradicate chronic illness, from eczema to the likes of cancer. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, other than weight loss... but I'm surprised at how well I'm managing to keep it up. I don't really have any cravings for bad foods so I guess that's cool. I suppose my body is so toxic inside that it will take time to see any visual differences regarding my skin but I hope that this change will at least help to boost my poor immune system.

Thanks for all your messages, be it comments or emails and I apologise for not responding to everything, though I do read everything. I'm just lacking motivation and feel as though I've slowed life right down just to get by, but I know everything will need to resume to normal speed soon, as I just don't have time to be ill.

Ok, I've rambled on enough. I hope everyone is well and I'm sorry there are no photos. My camera battery has died and I can't find the cable to recharge it. Oh well.