Monday, 28 January 2013

Running 1000km For Eczema Charity!

People don't really look at eczema as being a life changing condition. It just tends to be regarded a minor annoyance that may appear from time to time, usually in winter months or during times of stress. I want to make people aware that  eczema can be a debilitating illness and literally does take over; preventing leading what may be deemed a "normal" lifestyle as it can often make carrying out day to day activities impossible, or at best restrictive.

This picture basically sums up what a lot of people say to me when they notice I have eczema. It just shows a level of sheer ignorance on their behalf. What may work for some people, doesn't necessarily work for everyone. When I inform them that I see a dermatologist at LEAST once a month and that I'm taking medication that can cause other serious health problems because I've tried everything else they pretty much shut up.

We want to give the cause more awareness and to raise money to aid science in finding a cure. Eczema isn't always just a little patch of inflamed, itching skin in the elbow flexture, nor does it just occur in children. 1/5 children have eczema and 1/12 adults have it, but there is only a minority of us that will suffer chronically and find it debilitating.

This year, my boyfriend, Shane Nicholl, who has a keen passion for running, will be partaking in various races over the course of the year where he will complete 1000km in distance. He's told me it's his little way of showing that he would literally run to the end of the earth for me to see me get better :)

To follow his efforts you can find him on Facebook or on Twitter! :)

And to sponsor his page is:

On the 3rd of Jan we were invited to do a radio interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and here it is...

& yes I should have written notes beforehand instead of regurgitating the same words and completely forgetting what I wanted to say! Better luck next time, eh? :p Shane completely nailed it though. Mr Radio Voice!


  1. Hi, Jenny! I also hate when people suggest this lotion or that one. As if people with eczema haven't tried just about everything! I think it's awesome what your boyfriend is doing and it's great that he's so supportive. Hope you find your healing soon! :)

    1. Thank you for your comment, that's very kind of you :) My boyfriend is such a selfless soul, I find it overwhelming sometimes! And thanks, I hope I get some respite soon too x