Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Festivals & Topical Steroid Withdrawal

So in just 4 weeks time Catton Hall in Derbyshire will be making it's fields accessible to thousands upon thousands of heavy metal music lovers - myself included. However despite having attended since 2006 this is the first time in my life that it may in fact be an impossible feat.

In previous years, although my skin has been horrific, I've still at least been able to manage the whole weekend. This year however, I am hoping and praying that I'll even be able to attend. After the year I've had I think I deserve just a little bit of happiness.

Me last August, the very last time I had a good skin phase...

At the moment I'm having a hard enough time just trying to get dressed to leave the house to go to work or hospital, let alone having the capability to hang out at a 4 day festival. I've taken many precautions though, as I did last year, but will have to be much more thorough in imparting my words of wisdom to myself this time round.

Last year we managed to bag a hotel about a 25 minute drive away from the festival site which seemed to work for us as my camping days are seriously over. This year, we've managed to do better still and bagged ourselves a hotel which is literally 5 minutes from the site. I'm sure the short drive will be a god send if I cannot take it any longer and need to submit to the shower.

I'm also on the look out for a more appropriate hat to shelter myself away from the over powering sun. Hilarity ensues...

I know it's a festival, but just no. Haha!

I will also need to find a skin-friendly sun cream as I'm having a hard time applying anything that isn't paraffin based right now. Also fully covering myself up is not really a feasible option if the weather is how it has been this past week. I'm one of those eczema people that cannot bare for my skin to be covered up or it makes me feel even worse, especially in the heat we've had and with my urticaria-like symptoms.

I know to make sure to drink a hell of a lot of water, even if it does mean visiting the disgusting portaloos more often. I will also possibly bring hand soap as well as the anti-bacterial gel just to ensure that I am as clean as clean can be.

Have you considered going to a festival or similar event in your stages of TSW? What kind of precautions would you take?


  1. hi hi,
    i actually like the umbrella hat! lol.
    j/k my niece has that hat one with that covers the neck. worked wonders for her eczema skin in hawaii.
    how is your oozing? are you going to be able to handle the festival? seems alot to go thru after what you been thru! but stay strong.
    praying for ya.

    1. If I was able to get massively drunk I'd probably wear that umbrella hat haha! The fashionista in me really can't envision myself wearing that other hat but I can see why it would work. I think I'll just end up getting one of those huge floppy hats.

      Don't even talk to me about oozing :( last night I was doing so well and it was even peeling beautifully until out of no where I got hot and bothered and BOOM ooze, ooze and more ooze. My legs are oozing now too which has never happened before. I dunno how much more I can take.

      I think if worst comes to worst we'll just try to go for one day.

      Thanks lovely <3

  2. Hi Jenny!! I am sure hoping you can attend the festival as well. I'm also a fan of heavy metal and I agree after all your skin has been through recently, you deserve to go and have fun, with minimal to NO worry about your skin!

    I have a suggestion for you on the skin-friendly sun cream. I am in the USA though so I am not sure if you can get it in the UK. I use Vanicream Sport SPF 35, which is specially made for sensitive skin (and not paraffin based either). It was one of the very few things that did not burn or sting when I used it while having TSW symptoms.

    1. Yay another metal fan :D I'm hoping that in a month's time the oozing will have stopped and hopefully the weather won't be quite as hot as it is now... there's just no telling in England. We usually have rubbish weather all the time but it's just my luck that it will probably be too hot.

      Thanks for the suggestion - I'll have a look into it. Everything I put on stings like hell including Dermol. Will see if my derm has any suggestions when I see her at the end of the month also.

  3. Hi Jenny - you SOOOO deserve to go! I personally have decided to not go to any outdoor activities this summer - fall is my favorite season so I will look forward to maybe going to a few festivals and apple picking during Sept/Oct. Right now if I go outside, bugs seem very attracted to me - I think it is from the ooze/blood smell I must give off. I can't stand it! So for the summer I am staying indoors...:( Hope you find something to help for your outside days!!

    1. When I went to the festival in 2009 I was such a mess, my legs were covered in sores and wasps were going crazy trying to get at me. I'm terrified of wasps so you can only but imagine how that went down. Last year there weren't quite so many about so I'm hoping it'll be a similar case this year. I can't stand flies at the best of times, disgusting creatures. You've probably got the right idea by going out later on. I can't miss my annual fest though :( x

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Not spoken to you in ages,but I hope you and Shane are both doing alright. Came across this blog the other day, and oh my- I didnt realise just how bad your eczema is. I really do wish you the best, and hope you (or the doctors at least) manage to find some relief for it; and that you'll be able to go to Bloodstock. That hat looks rather snazzy; you should get one and see how many bands you can get to sign it :P
    When my next pay cheque comes through I'll be sure to sponser Shane!

    1. Hey Natasha! Thanks for stopping by :D what did you get for your uni grade? Yeah, my eczema has escalated out of control :( this is why I didn't attend Rock Soc very often because it basically dominates my life. Promise I wasn't avoiding - what I'd have given to attend every week! Thanks, that's very sweet of you :) xxx

  5. Lovely photo Jenny:) You look really well. I think you should go and give yourself a little treat. You can deal with anything that comes your way after that as you have had a difficult few weeks.Cant advise what to take and I am no example!The temperature is really high here in Ireland and after enjoying a day (covered up may I add) by the sea I am suffering today/ eczema gone crazy all over me and herpes paying me a visit on my face:(((( I am now inside from this moment own avoiding heat.The sun drives me crazy which is sad.Enjoy the concert and keep us posted:)) Aoibheann xx

  6. I've had to give up on festivals as my arms and chest gets really odd eczema if I get sun on me (bizarrely my legs and face don't react much). If I go outside I wear thin armwarmers and a cotton scarf, today I had to finally resort to the parasol. I can't camp as I am too light a sleeper and people whispering in nearby tents give me The Rage. I really hope you're able to make it to the festival and find a suitable hat! I have several cowboy hats but not sure they are protective enough.