Thursday, 12 December 2013

December Skin: Day 205 TSW

How is everyone?

I'm not gonna lie, life is fairly decent right now. I'm working 5 days a week with ever increasing hours as the Christmas period gets into full swing. I feel busy and quite satisfied that I'm able to do more for myself and others. I am however still getting random flaring and lots of dryness. I took some quick photos this morning but they're not very good at pointing out the red bumps on my face so you'll just have to take my word for it that I have an itchy, red, bumpy face. Oh and there's a coldsore on my lip. Bloody thing!! That just randomly decided to pop up during my shift at work on Monday and is still lingering despite me taking Aciclovir daily. At least it is only isolated to my lip which is a very good thing, as we're all more than aware of my history of eczema herpeticum!



Excuse the mop and bucket in this photograph. I just wanted to show you quickly that my legs are still going, and I'm still picking. Stupid girl! Both legs are the same.


Now this is the biggest surprise. The photo is a bad depiction but my arms look just like my legs right now. They're absolutely covered in scabs that just won't go away!! I've tried not moisturising them but find I still scratch away at the dry skin, and moisturising them but I'm still scratching away... I just can't win. They and my face are the biggest sources of annoyance right now, especially when I catch customers staring at them as though I have the plague. I need me a new job! 

Overall I'm not bothered what people think of the way I look. I've covered this point a lot throughout the time of my blog but I reached a plateau earlier this year, around the time that this blog came into fruition and I just couldn't care less about how my condition may appear to others. I learnt that this is me, I can't help the way I look, I have an illness and if you don't like my inability to wear make-up and the lack of embarrassment I have of myself then please go away. You're not helping, you're just being judgmental of something you know nothing about.

When you do find yourself bound to illness you learn to cherish the smaller things in life and that all of the superficial stuff is exactly that, it just isn't worth dwelling on. Rant over. Haha!


  1. Your face looks amazing!!!! Yeah xoxo Loren and Kline

  2. Thanks Loren :) how is Kline getting on?xx

  3. Hi Jenny, you look amazing.Wow I really see such an improvement in your face.I just hope 2014 brings you some relief and your skin gets better and better.Thanks so much for sharing and updating your blog.It is so honest and uplifting.My skin is going well at the moment thankfully but I have come down with the herpes virus twice in two months so there is always something:( Anyway take care and have a great Christmas , Aoibheann xx

  4. Hi! I am Jessica! I am new to your blog. I posted on one of your posts last week but I am not sure it went through. I have been looking for eczema blogs as we are a family of sufferers. My daughter has experienced it the worst but we all suffer from some sort of skin issue be it folliculitis, acne or eczema or allergies. We have been blessed to find one product that cures all of our issues. I am not sure if you have heard of CLn body wash (they have a a kind of wash, shampoo, moisturizers, facial cleaners etc ) The stuff is amazing! I would love any feed back on forums, blogs etc that you visit to share your story and get info! I am setting up a blog today to journal our ups and downs etc! My blog will be Thanks for blogging!

  5. Jessica, I apologize for butting in but first off long term moisturizing is damaging to the skin no matter what you use. Secondly, the lotion you are suggesting is very damaging to the skin. Here are some links to just the first three ingredients of CLn body wash. Check my blog out and when you have time to learn more about the negative effects of moisturizing. Good luck!

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