Monday, 12 May 2014

11.5 Months Off Topical Steroids

Wow, sorry for my lengthy absence but I think I can be excused seeing as I'm now living in Leeds and only just got my internet back this morning!

The eczema herpeticum was short lived and only lasted for a week at most. The Aciclovir tends to do a decent job of kicking it in the bum and stopping it from progressing further. Since then though my skin has been suffering from a rash which has probably developed into an infection but I haven't signed up to a doctors yet so there's not a lot I can do about it other than try to manage it myself. I do think a lot of what I'm going through now is just from the stress of moving and starting a new job (first day tomorrow!).

I am having up and down days, most notably this weekend where I attended a family wedding and managed to last an entire 11 hours before I just had to succumb to the itch. My poor car is a bit of a mess now. Please hoover it Shane if you're reading xD but it was impressive nonetheless!

I missed informing you of my 11 months of steroid withdrawal which happened 3 weeks ago now but I will be coming up to a year soon and I'm not in the best shape, but I am still managing which is good enough for me.

Shane's phone seems to be rubbish when I want it to depict my redness but when I want to take a nice photo of the two of us I'm suddenly redder than ever!

NSFW so under a cut.

Hope everyone else is well?x

P.S. this is my 100th post!

Face, neck, chest, breast area, tummy and between legs are all inflamed with a rash right now but my back and legs look amazing, soft and white! 


  1. Missed ya! Can't believe it's been almost a year since you stopped steroids. Welcome to the vets club!

  2. You're doing so well! I think stress is a source of evil to my skin, also moving- all that dust etc. I've moved four times in 2 years and each time my hands and arms end up looking like I've dipped them in acid! Good luck with the new job : )

  3. Glad to hear the herp didn't last long. The areas where your rash is is the exact places I get mine. Have you tried a bath with tea tree oil to help calm the redness and infection?

  4. I am glad your getting better. It is not a fun thing to be infected with.

  5. hmmm. good you are getting better. Eczema can the shape the skin. I am sure you would have tried the Triamcinolone. It works too but i think you would have since you said you were on steriod.

  6. Hi... please read this blog. Turmeric really worked wonders for my son. I have blogged hoping it helps...

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