Thursday, 3 July 2014

13.5 Month Photos

Please ignore the toilet and general bathroom stuff in the background. I can't be bothered to retake the photos.

Face with a little bit of Purepotions on. Yay for eyebrows though.

My lovely Deirdre Barlow neck :(


Right hand side really seems to be going at it in terms of flaring.

Right leg

Left leg

Left thigh

Poor wrinkly tummy

Mass shedding on left arm (right is the same but too hard to photograph!)

Hard to see but wrists have a bit of a sleeve thing going on

Right arm - you can just about make out the open sores

Armpit. Infection has disappeared thankfully but it's dry and slightly red.

Back of knees are appalling and I'm finding it hard to walk.


  1. Hugs. Just hugs.

    (The virtual kind that don't actually involve somebody rubbing up against you and hurting your skin, obviously)


  2. it looks like your face may not be swollen anymore :) still, back of your knees look sore :(
    digital hugs

    1. Hi Wynter :) Yep, I think the swelling was definitely allergy related because it didn't last very long after I'd eliminated the penicillin based antibiotics! However the fact I did have a reaction meant my skin swelled and flared all over and now I'm left with the aftermath which looks like a trigger for TSW.

  3. I feel you pain. I'm only 23 and I'm going into my 8th month of tsw. My eczema has spread all over with the exception of my face. I'm kinda getting frustrated because my skin is just so rashy and dried. I constantly am losing sleep and am super itchy!!! But I know our skin will heal in due time. I guess we have to take it one day at a time and not worry about how long it'll heal. I wish I could send you pics of how my eczema is. We're both on this journey let's be strong & keep nursing our skin to health.

  4. Hi Jenny, my name is Clarissa, I have had eczema my whole life. I've been steriod free for years, but still try to avoid it's itch free promise. Even when I did use it, it was very limited, as I had the luck of finding some great doctors who are well aware of it's problems. My eczema is still coming in flares, but try my best to keep well hydrated! I wish you the very best and a fast recovery. When I find my itches completely insane, I dip my skin in icy water, it numbs the itch and doesn't do the damage hot water does. Thank you for sharing your story like this. I had a hard time struggling with unsightly eczema as a teenager, had I seen blogs like yours back then it could have avoided many depressive days. Thank you for your bravery and I wish you all the best.

  5. Hey,
    looking at your pictures is just like looking at my own skin.
    Mine too is covered in thick scaly red itchy lesions and dead skin cells.
    I have eczema and psoriasis, and i am a compulsive skin picker.
    i have hypersensitive reactions to everything they prescribe me, so dont feel alone.

    I would just like to ask whether you have tried a balm called moa the green balm?
    it has helped me more than any steroid has. It has an antifungal and is the reviews speak for themselves. I have been able to use it on my eyelashes too and it has helped me loads in growing them back.
    please look it up.

    good luck,