Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Month 14.5 TSW

I've been very reluctant to post on here recently. I'm fed up of whining really but figured I should do an update on what's been happening.

Well I'm now 14.5 months into my withdrawal and I'm still a complete mess. It turns out I did have a staph infection so was given antibiotics but now that they've finished I'm still struggling. I haven't been able to get dressed in the past 3 weeks now bar a couple of times where I've managed to force myself into stuff. It's insane. I've also been off work on the sick for all this time too. I don't return until next Tuesday but I'm scared that I still might not be ready!

I have a lot of important family stuff coming up over these next two weekends and my skin couldn't have picked a worse time to degenerate. Luckily I see the dermatologist tomorrow with the view of putting me on Ciclosporin for a bit, mainly as a compromise because I declined the steroids. I'm terrified of contracting eczema herpeticum whilst taking it, especially with these said events I need to attend but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm hopeful the Ciclosporin will at least clear my skin so I have a cleaner slate to deal with and will hopefully help my skin to heal a bit better.

I've also drastically changed my diet. For the past 3 weeks I've been following a high carb, low fat raw vegan diet. I've seen a lot of helpful information regarding this diet where people have managed to eradicate chronic illness, from eczema to the likes of cancer. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, other than weight loss... but I'm surprised at how well I'm managing to keep it up. I don't really have any cravings for bad foods so I guess that's cool. I suppose my body is so toxic inside that it will take time to see any visual differences regarding my skin but I hope that this change will at least help to boost my poor immune system.

Thanks for all your messages, be it comments or emails and I apologise for not responding to everything, though I do read everything. I'm just lacking motivation and feel as though I've slowed life right down just to get by, but I know everything will need to resume to normal speed soon, as I just don't have time to be ill.

Ok, I've rambled on enough. I hope everyone is well and I'm sorry there are no photos. My camera battery has died and I can't find the cable to recharge it. Oh well.


  1. You poor thing, you must be getting so tired. I don't think you sound whiny. It's just crap that you haven't had a break in a while. Being in hospital in and out must be insane.
    Fingers crossed you feel ok enough to go to work !!

  2. Hi Jenny, I could be wrong but I truly believe the best and fastest way to recover is to stop treating it. In other words, stop taking medications such as Ciclosporin, protopic, moisturizers, etc etc. The body needs support and that support is simply to leave it alone to it's own devices. The body needs to recover and using drugs like these only prolongs the body's ability to recover. The body has an amazing ability to heal if allowed to. Interrupting that process only delays and prolongs recovery. That's just my two cents. I really wish you well and hope things turn around soon for you. Derms are not your answer believe me. You want to enhance your immune system not bring it down.

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I feel your pain in a way. I drink 32 oz of fresh juice a day, eat 70% raw and mostly vegan and I am in week 6 of my worst flare since starting all this nearly two years ago. I had normal skin since month 17 and then one day, it just went bad and has kept getting worse. Despite my desire to "fix" things and be proactive (with good food, not necessarily meds), there just may be nothing we can do with regards to the effects of steroid withdrawal until it runs its course. And if you need meds to survive the day to day, then that is what you need to do. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that you can't do your body good and work on your immune system. Kinda like investing in the future, in my mind. Some day (soon, I hope!), I'll not only have lovely skin but a body that can fight off everything from the common cold to cancer. It is just physically and mentally exhausting not to see the benefits of it yet. Hang in there. We will all get through this.

  4. Check out Glutathione on the web. Tracy turned me on to this stuff months ago and I find it very helpful. I also take 6 grams of msm daily. But the Glutathione I can really tell a difference in energy levels, and if it's as good at helping the immune system as they say it is, it could be a really good option for most people. I'm a definite believer after taking it for a few months and seeing it's effects. Tracy also told me the msm is good for oozing and if there is lots of oozing one can take up to 20 grams a day. I never took more than 8 grams daily but again, the glutathione is something to definitely look into.

  5. You are not whiny - you are amazing - hang on in there. Best Wishes x

  6. Nice! I see you're already trying a vegan diet! Way to go! You also mention in your blog that eczema is triggered by emotional states and gets worse with stress. That observation really makes sense if you know the deeper causes of asthma and eczema, two diseases that are related to eachother. I really recommend reading the book "the healing power of ilness" by thorwald dethlefsen and rudiger dahlke or any book of these authors. They explain the deeper meaning of skin disorders, which i had suffer from myself. I would send you my copy of the book, but it's in dutch sooo... :p anyways here's a link to the book i can't find any pdf versions :(