Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Everything For Eczema Bamboo Pyjama Giveaway

Some time last year the lovely Gail from Everything for Eczema got in touch with me to ask what I'd like to see in adult pyjamas, specifically designed for eczema and allergies with a speciality in topical steroid withdrawal. I suggested having leggings with feet and also some form of gloves/mittens attached to the sleeves so that if would be difficult and nigh on impossible to scratch yourself with them on.

She got back to me a few months later with a design that seems to be exactly what we need! They are made from bamboo, organic cotton and 4% lycra to make them easier to put on over sore skin. The bamboo also  has excellent properties. It makes the fabric super soft, breathable so it helps to keep the body temperature regulated, is more absorbent than cotton for excessive sweating, and also contains antibacterial properties. The pyjamas have been created in Europe by an organic manufacturer so all of the fabric and dyes used can be traced if necessary. After all, we are all going through bouts of intense sensitivity with our skin so this factor is very important! The labels are also on the outside of the garments so none of that needing to cut them out because they irritate the skin.

Sorry for the rubbish quality photos!

Yours truly modelling the pyjamas

The pyjama top has fold-over style mittens on the sleeves which I think are an absolutely genius idea because there is no way in your sleep-like state you can get these things off to attack yourself, unlike when wearing gloves or mittens where they easily come off and you find you've torn yourself to ribbons. They're not impossible to get off but you really have to think about what you're doing when you do flip them so it's fair to say you're pretty safe when you're asleep.

Sleeve turned inside out to act as mitten

Sleeve the hands-free way to show you how they can be transformed into the mitten

The bottoms have enclosed feet so there is no way at getting in there and tearing your legs and feet to bits so they are well protected. The waist has a draw string fastening as it was thought that elastic could be irritating to those with allergies. It also means you can wear them on your hips or waist and as tightly or as loosely as you need when your skin is sore.

The built in sock

Drawstring waist

These pyjamas have really helped to keep my skin in check when I have gone through my intense stints of itchiness and open sores.

They are a lovely shade of blue in colour and come in sizes ranging from an XS to XL which can be worn by all adults and even older children. There is a size chart that can be referred to on the website to ensure that you get the correct size. They are £59.95 for a pair, however it is a great investment because due the bamboo/cotton combo they are truly made to last and withstand the steroid withdrawal cycles.

Gail has been lovely enough to give away a pair of these amazing pyjamas to one of my lucky readers! A new pair that is, not the one's I'm wearing above!

For your chance to win please just fill in the widget below: it barely takes any time at all although it is recommended that you sign up to blogger so that you can leave a blog post comment and follow my blog!

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Also as an aside and if you are not a winner - I am not endorsed for advertising these beauties but I truly do feel they make a difference to our quality of life when going through TSW so go grab yourself a pair here and enjoy actually feeling comfortable! It's also lovely knowing a company actually cares about us and sees TSW as being a valid condition!


  1. They look really comfy!

  2. Oh wow. Yep, I'd love these. Can't get comfy at the minute with my skin. And this way, I can have matching PJ's with my youngest who has eczema like her mother, unfortunately...

    Rebecca J

  3. Hi! Those pajamas are awesome. two reasons why I think those are awesome 1. You cannot scratch(you mentioned, I have been waking up in the middle of the night scratching, falling back to sleep has been challenging) 2. Keeps bedding fresh from all the oils and lotions I put on before bed to moisturize, because pajama is in-between me and bedding, even the feet and hands!
    I'm so glad I found your blog. I really admire you putting up photos of yourself with the eczema flare-ups. I could never do that. Thank you for giving me courage! I found your blog by google searching eczema photos, because I'm having the worst eczema faze of my life right now, and had to check if people actually have eczema as bad as I do.

  4. It looks comfy and really soft! I like that your feet and hands are covered :)

  5. Something like this would be amazing for my 6 year old niece who is constantly scratching. Glad to have found your blog (thanks to my sister who is constantly searching for ways to help her baby girl).

  6. These look Great. My daughter is once again trying to get off the steroids. her face oozes so bad it's like her cheeks are crying :(

  7. These look amazing. They're just too pricey after conversion into my currency. I'll just have to continue to rely on my daily routine of taping down my PJs, gloves and socks...

  8. The built in sock is an awesome idea, can't count the amount of times I have managed to get socks off in my sleep!!

  9. I've got such itchy skin, I have really bad skin, this would be perfect x

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