Monday, 6 April 2015

Pick Me Up Special Magazine

Hey guys,

It has taken me a while to get round to picking up (pun not intended) Pick Me Up Special magazine that came out on Thursday 26th March, but I thought I should mention it on the blog. I was approached by the magazine to reprint my eczema story from September 2013 as it was one of their favourites. I obliged, but told them that the previous print was incorrect as it stated that my doctor was happy with my steroid withdrawal, which of course is not the case. I told the editor that of course she could reprint the story, but only if she could do at least one of three things.

1. To change what was written as my doctor didn't agree and it would be a horrific withdrawal
2. To include ITSAN somewhere in there or
3. To make my blog link more visible

I was pleased to see there had been a change. However the view of my doctor is no longer mentioned and apparently I say that I would go back onto steroids if my skin became bad, which of course is ludicrous because your skin has to be bad to withstand the effects of the withdrawal. My blog link is on the page, but not really that prominent, though the fact that I have one is mentioned within the text, so the reader may go on to find my blog. Who knows?

I wasn't paid this time for my story but I hope it helps at least someone and in future I will ask to proof-read the story they write myself before it goes to print. I know they're just doing their job and making it look interesting but it'd be nice if they could proclaim the whole truth and not include their own embellishments.


  1. Did they mention itsan in the new version?

    1. No -_- annoying but oh well I'll try write to some other magazine at some stage

    2. No -_- annoying but oh well I'll try write to some other magazine at some stage

  2. This is really a interesting blog. This is just because I was looking for some skin care treatment and I found that your suggestions are really appreciable.

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  6. Hey, i like your blog. You deal withthis condition with candid honesty and help lots of people. I thought you might like my buzz feed post as a fellow eczema sufferer, though I know you don't use steroids

  7. Hi Jenny, any luck with the immunologist? Also, at one point, you had something for your bath, am I right? Was it Dead Sea Salts or something? Hopefully I haven't got that confused with someone else, sorry.
    Take care Jenny :)

  8. You're really brave for sharing your story. Any publicity for TSW is good I think, well done on making it this far even if it may not feel like you've improved much. :) don't give up!!!

  9. Hi Jenny, you are really brave and resilient in the face of this debilitating disease, and so kind to share so much information about your condition to benefit others. I am a fellow eczema sufferer since the age of 2, and have never known a day without full-body eczema (am 27 now). This condition really takes over our lives, makes me wish I were dead at times.. But I'm not giving up hope on curing myself. Anyway, just wanted to ask whether you have researched intestinal health relating to eczema? Eczema is a symptom of an internal imbalance, or internal toxicity. This toxicity can arise from bad bacteria overgrown in the gut, and taking antibiotics wipes out both good and bad bacteria (we eczema sufferers usually have inadequate good bacteria to begin with) and leaves the gut vulnerable to colonization by bad bacteria -- may explain your recurring infections. I hope you will check out "water kefir and eczema" to see how incorporating fermented foods into the diet has helped so many eczema sufferers alleviate their suffering by replenishing their intestinal flora and healing their gut. It has helped me a lot, together with cutting out gluten, dairy and processed sugar from my diet.

    Stress and anxiety worsens the condition and makes me scratch like a monkey on fire -- mindfulness techniques like meditation and cardiac coherence (check it out!) helps to shift focus away from the itch (taking away its power) and lessens it tremendously. I personally believe that there is a huge emotional and mental factor in eczema.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I felt compelled to share with you some things which have helped me, and I believe will help you. All the best for your healing, take care!

    Best wishes, Rachel