Wednesday, 12 August 2015

26.5 Months TSW

Just a quick update from me! I'm still in my plateau at the moment. My skin isn't perfect but nor is it really troubling me. I flare from time to time but it has been mostly manageable.

Whether it be a case of the fact that I'm still on Ciclosporin, or purely just coincidence, the summer heat has been much more tolerable and easier to endure this year, though I do actively avoid getting hot and bothered just in case I induce an unwanted reaction.

Yesterday I came back from a few days away staying at a hotel and don't seem to have caused much damage to myself. Usually I end up scratching myself to bits when I stay elsewhere - whether this is down to a different environment or just something in my mind I don't know but I left unscathed and didn't keep the boyfriend up all night with my violent scratching episodes.

I do still have areas of blotchiness/redness but they really don't bother me right now. I just wish I could wear make up without the fear of my skin reacting.

Here are a couple of random unflattering photos I took in the car.

I do hope everyone else is doing good.


  1. Well done for making it this far! Great to hear you're not being as bogged down by your skin as usual. Wishing you lots of recovery :D

  2. Hi Jenny, Well done for shedding light on eczema sufferers. I have always had mild eczema since a kid, but recently I came into contact with something that has helped me MAJORLY - Aloe vera Gel and Propolis Cream.

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    I hope it helps and keep your spirits up Jenny!

    All the best,

    Fellow Eczema sufferer

  3. Hi Jenny. I hope your eczema is getting better. I'm not an expert in this subject, but what I have learned from my 2yrs and 6 months old daughter , who developed severe eczema at 3 months old on treating and reversing her eczema naturally has helped us a lot. It is not a fast healing, it is a slow healing, but it is a treatment for the long run. My daughter's first year of life was so hard, even life threatening with Mrsa on bloodstream! , I used to run almost every week to the ER due to high fevers, swollen face, red skin, rashes out of nothing, skin infections, battling Mrsa on and off, and her last hospitalization of 10 days was for heczema herpeticum right when she turned 1 yo. That was our last visit to the hospital. Probably her condition was getting worse, due to alot of conventional drugs and prescriptions of steroid creams, aquaphor, oral antibiotics and through IVs to treat her infections, bacterias and viruses. I was so desperate trying to find out what was going on with our daughter's health. Until I found out about GAPS.ME, desperately trying to help my daughter I bought the book. I started the diet with my daughter about a yr ago, I switched to all natural, I even stopped using aquaphor and while she isn't healed completely, but at least I can see some improvements, while she's healing slowly, in the mean time no more skin infections, no more mrsa, no more ER running. Her healing is slowly, but stable. I use homemade salves and eczema healing lotions I get my recepies from Wellnessmama. Com akka Katie. I use soap nuts for her laundry and calendula dark tea for bath with drops of lavender essential oils, I use raw honey mixed with a whole leaf of fresh aloe vera for shampoo and body wash, and I sometimes alternate it with nut soaps. Probably you have heard about GAPS diet, it's a Gut healing protocol it's worth to try it. I'm truly sorry for your eczema battle, I completely understand what does that mean by having my daughter with severe eczema, I believe that there is a reason why things happens, and God helps us along in our journey, while there's life, there's hope. I personally believe my daughter developed eczema, first of all C-section birth, a lot of antibiotics during her first days of life, leaving her with a compromised immune system, and probably vaccines made it worse, until her little body couldn't handle it anymore. God bless you and I pray for you to heal your eczema and overcome other second health conditions that it can bring along. Warmly, Elizabeth

  4. > Usually I end up scratching myself to bits when I stay elsewhere

    That's because of detergent on the sheets and towels. I always get a flare up when staying elsewhere. Even when first laying down, I'll get an asthma attack. Previously I always thought it was dust, but that didn't make sense with hotels that always change the sheets.