Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Month 28

Hi everyone, I reached month 28 a week ago so figured I'd best do a catch up post. It seems my posts are becoming more and more scarce as time goes on. That's because I haven't really had any major turning points to speak of. I'm still trundling on, however my social life is coming back and I'm practically on full time hours at work. I've started attending the gym, to address the weight gain, and apart from a few blips I'm quite content presently.

I went to see the dermatologist the other day which I thought was going to lead into the monotonous fight that usually occurs but I was told as long as I was aware of the effects, and was regularly monitored, I could stay on Ciclosporin for the present. That is fine with me, as it seems to be actually working right now. They did mention a drug break though which I will have to eventually do anyway but for now it's all good.

Recently I've been watching more and more documentaries and videos on veganism and am really hoping to make the switch soon. My partner is on side with me as he would like to be healthier overall too. I got a juicer for my birthday, which I'm yet to use but I'm hoping it will yield good results for me. If anyone knows any good recipes, that don't contain celery or cucumber do leave a comment!

Here are some photos from Friday.

Thought I'd take a couple of close-ups to show how wrinkled my skin has become around my nose/cheek area. Thanks steroids (& over-scratching!).

Neck/chest looking good

Also thought I'd include this one of me giving this woofer a good old stroke. Not often my skin behaves with furry ones!

The rest of my body is remarkably clear. Although I now seem to be having some other health issues with my stomach and randomly vomiting so my skin is a bit worse for wear this morning. Oh well.

Hope everyone else is doing good!


  1. My eyes have gone ridiculously wrinkly from my steroid creams! It is a nightmare!! Hope you're juicer helps improve your skin :)

    Lauren | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. Ahh the good old wrinkly skin! I'm trying to drink tonnes of water to see if it helps in case my skin is dehydrated seeing as our skin is probably less able to retain moisture etc. You are looking really well :-) All the best with the veganism and juicing! x

  3. I would request eczema sufferers to take up healthy veggie diet. And take pomegranate juice daily!!!! more info here..https://easycureforeczema.wordpress.com/2015/09/02/hello-world/

  4. Hello Jenny! I'm following your progress for a while and i am happy to see you are doing much better now.
    I also am very prone to eczema and last year i broke out all over my body. Gladly i am doing very good now.
    I had a very dry skin all my life and couldn't find a good product to keep it moisturized all day long. Finally the doctor prescribed me a cream with Urea in it. It's called Calmurid ( in the netherlands ) with 10% urea. This cream is doing wonders for my skin :-) They also have Calmurid with Hydrocortison but ofcourse we avoid steroids like the plague ;) I dont know if you heard about it before but i had to share it with you, in the hope it would help with dry skin. I must say it can sting damaged skin a bit. I wish you all the best Jenny! Hug from Steph

  5. Hi Jenny, I have also suffered from eczema for my whole life and have tried everything under the sun to try and alleviate it. I have tried all the different creams, steroid creams, protopic, different diets, macrobiotic, vegetarian, dairy free, wheat free etc. My skin seems to have a mind of its own and the eczema moves from place to place and gets better and worse. It's always bad on my face and neck though. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you've ever heard of or tried the GAPS diet. I've just started on it 1 week ago because I also suffer from digestion problems and I believe there is a link to my eczema. Have you ever tried this diet? I hope you're feeling well today. Jimmy.

  6. Hi Jenny. Have you ever tried changing your diet? I came across this blog http://www.dehappy5.com/ The lady's daughter used to suffer from eczema as well, but after feeding her daughter all raw foods for a period of time, her daughter became eczema free. You should really go read her blog! I hope everything turns out well for you. x

  7. Eczema can affect people of all ages and can cause quite a bit of misery. How to cure eczema. Using coffee scrub reduces appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne and pimples to protect your skin.

  8. Gosh I find it quite hard to read this. I have researched TSW but it just seems like loads of pain and misery through a mainly self diagnosed "disease". I think the stories at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Etsin/ really proves that RSS can be treated very successfully without the suffering. I love that you are doing a vegan diet!

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