Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Photo of Eczema Skin 5 Months Topical Steroid Withdrawal

I've had a few people ask how I'm doing lately so I figured I'd give a brief photo update.

Overall my skin is remaining white, it's just very dry and does go the palest shade of pink after rubbing on my face. I'm covered in tiny little wounds from scratching but they're so tiny and it's really just from the dryness that they've occurred. My skin is thick enough now that it doesn't cause weeping when I give it a good old scratch, just tiny nicks here and there that scab over and I naughtily pick them off.

 You can see the dryness is predominantly on my eye area and cheeks. My lips have been horribly dry too. You can also detect the skin flakes on my t-shirt. Yum! Oh and my eyebrows are becoming a little bit sparse again but I reckon that's because the skin isn't moisturised enough to hold in the hairs so when I have a scratch because they're so brittle they fall out easily.

Closer version

Closer side view

Mostly white tummy/hands except for some naughty scratching which has created the aforementioned small scabs. I haven't had matching hands for a while now so this is nice to see. My hands were also covered in hard skin last month which took ages to get rid of and although they're dry as a bone the skin feels relatively normal.

There still isn't much difference occurring in my legs. I just can't leave them alone :( I'm so bad. Telling the world about my picking habit obviously did nothing mentally for me. If it wasn't so cold right now I'd parade around in shorts so that everytime I caught myself in the mirror I'd feel ashamed.

But there you have it, a mini update from me! I think I attribute the dryness of my skin to the cold weather. It has been extremely windy and in fact we were down in Portsmouth this past weekend when the winds were a good 30mph. That obviously has done nothing to revive my poor skin.

Hope everyone is well :)


  1. Hello mate! your skin is looking a lot better. So glad you are starting to see improvements.
    STOP PICKIN' though. Hehe.
    Much love, X

  2. hang in there Jenny this will pass. now that it's not so cold u can try a bit of sun of your legs? cheering for you! xxx ahfaye

    1. Hey there! I dunno where you live but right now the UK is coming up to winter! There is no such thing as sun over here right now ;) I'll have to wait at least 5/6 months before we get any signs of sun unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion though :)