Friday, 8 November 2013

Eczema vs. Weather

I just can't seem to win when it comes to what my skin can tolerate. With the weather patterns the UK gets, be it the cold, wind and rain or the hot, dry heat my body cannot cope! I just cannot handle the extremities of the two.

The majority of eczema sufferers I speak to say that their condition worsens in the colder months and becomes manageable or even restored back to its former glory in sunnier climates. This has never been so for me. I have battled with both the hot and cold - my skin gets no real respite all year round.

Winter vs. Summer

In the summer I am faced with prickly heat type rashes that are eczematous in formation and find myself suffering profusely because I just cannot get cool. These rashes can also follow on into colder months when wrapping up warm to go outside and  to protect the skin from the cold climate is refuted by the extreme heat of exertion or stepping inside a warm building such as a shop. The inability to dress appropriately for every possible temperature regulated scenario proves for a very hectic skin regime indeed.

I find that not only do I suffer from these rashes in the milder months but my skin will also crack and bleed due to the lack of moisture.

Going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal has certainly changed the way my skin acts for the better, but in some ways it is worse because of the unknown ways that the skin reacts to adjustments in temperature and humidity.

As the winter weather begins to settle itself I see a definite change in the way my skin is reacting. I have been attempting to go moisturiser-free as I found this to achieve better effects overall, yet now that the country is faced with harsh winds and bitter cold days I am finding that I can no longer cope with being so dry! However as I mentioned in a previous post, applying moisturiser to my face is causing me to breakout in small, itchy pustules- Argh!

How does your skin react to the extreme climate changes?


  1. I'm trying to do moisture withdrawal too. I'm still applying palm oil once every few days after showering. The hands is the hardest for me by far. It's not too cold here yet but I'm definitely worried as it is getting colder by the day. My skin has always been all over the place too no matter what season. So fun! -.-

  2. Hi Jenny
    I've just read some of your blog and looked at your photos. It was like looking at photos of myself, my skin is so similar - thank you for sharing and here's hoping we both get better and stay better very soon.

    My skin has generally been better in the summer and been at its worst in the cold - however this summer it's been awful and I've suffer from eczema and rashes throughout. After 3 lots of oral steroids in the last 2 months (every time I came off them my skin got worse so my consultant put me back on another course) I've now finished my last lot a week ago and the soreness has returned as well as an horrible rash on my chest. I don't like taking steroids but it is the only thing that has worked when my skin gets to a certain point.
    To top it off, my face is also quite spotty now -a common reaction of mine to steroid creams - at 33, I feel like I should have outgrown eczema and ache (as doctors have always told me!) but they just seem to be getting worse!

    There is some light at the end of the tunnel though.... Last week I had patch testing. On Friday I had the final examination and of the 106 patches I had reactions to 2 things - lanolin (which I've avoided for years) and tocopherol (which I've never heard of). I'm skeptical I'm only allergic to 2 things however I'm now busy investigating tocopherol and hoping this could be the key to getting, and staying, better all year round.

    Fingers crossed all us sufferers find a cure soon.

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  4. My eczema changes with the seasons, I suffer more in winter than summer, R&R on a sun lounger in a warmer climate makes the world of difference to my skin.

  5. It’s probably hard that you can’t rest the treatments for a season. The only good thing is that, as you religiously go along with it, you get to think that it’s a normal thing. But I do hope you find a long-lasting relief in the future. What do you think about natural treatments?

    1. Thanks Meghan! I am currently going through a mixture of moisturiser withdrawal and using some natural treatments. Can't say I'm noticing much of a difference yet but only time will tell I suppose.