Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Eczema Itch

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Recently I was asked if I'd like to take part in sharing my story for a project entitled "The Eczema Itch" for Multimedia Journalism student, Zoe Woodbridge, to discuss my personal take on topical steroid withdrawal. Of course I said yes!

As an eczema sufferer herself, Zoe wanted to use her own experiences as a topic for her university project to explore the symptoms and treatments of eczema. With a particular interest in the controversies surrounding steroid addiction, she wanted to branch out to others to hear their stories and ask professionals who diagnose and treat it.

You can see my story and view images of both Louise Jones and I as well as listen to radio interviews where Louise speaks vocally of her experience alongside excerpts of her excellent book "Taming The Scratchy Monster" and hear from a medical doctor who is actually going through TSW himself. Zoe also conducts an interview with charity, Allergy UK, to discuss what more can be done to bridge the gap between GPs and Allergy Specialists.

The site is very well done and provides the user with an interactive experience with survey polls to partake in, which for anyone reading my blog who is suffering from steroid addiction I implore you to do. Who knows where this source of valuable information could take Zoe's site in the future.

Well done Zoe!


  1. Well done, Jenny.

    It would be great if one of the media companies saw Zoe's site and decided to investigate our stories further!

    I had to laugh at the pro-steroid chap she interviewed who said that medicines will work if you believe in them. Powdered unicorn horn anyone?

  2. Haha yeah I rolled my eyes at him! What an idiot. I know placebos can work but not really in this case when the physical results are so horrific and definitely existent!

    Yes, it would be fantastic if they got hold of it. I've shared it on Twitter but perhaps it's best to thrust it in the faces of some popular media companies so that they can take notice.