Thursday, 6 February 2014

Topical Steroid Withdrawal 8.5 Months

Ok so finally the flare that arrived at the beginning of the year appears to be dying down but I am left with a stinking cold which isn't too nice. I hope the weakness in my immune system doesn't bring on another bout of bloody eczema herpeticum, that'd be all I need!

My arms still aren't great as Shane found out to his annoyance as I kept him up in the night with my incessant scratching. Sorry dear! For those who don't realise the implications my skin have had on my relationship; Shane and I haven't shared a bed, unless staying in a hotel, for probably about a year. Really. This isn't how life is supposed to be! In time I'm sure the habitual night time scratching will cease and we can sleep in the same bed but at current I'm just too irritating to sleep next to. Plus he sleeps with his mouth open - ew!

Taken in the hallway which doesn't get as much light but I'm pale all over yay :D

Excuse the messy hair. I haven't had it cut in over a year!

Horrid bumpy, thickened texture.

The eyebrows that I gained back in around September have since disappeared as I've scratched at my face but as I said in my post from the other day, lots of baby hairs have started to sprout from my head so I can't be too disheartened. I'm actually wondering if the hair growth can be attributed to me taking the Vitamin D supplement. People say it usually takes weeks or months to make a difference but it's certainly a funny coincidence that after just a few days I notice all this new hair growth. Perhaps my system reacts quickly with working treatment, it certainly did in the past when I used Ciclosporin, where within 24 hours my skin was radically different, as you can see in the image at the bottom of this post.

Let's just hope this keeps up and in time as my skin strengthens I can use make-up again to draw on those pesky non-existent eyebrows... just like the old days!

Hope everyone else is doing well?


  1. You look great and I can see big improvements. Congratulations Jenny! you deserve a break from your bad skin days. X

  2. Very nice improvement. Not so red. I hope it keeps getting better and better!

  3. Hi Jenny, you look really well.What a marvellous improvement and long may it last.You sure deserve it.Me , I am doing well past few months.I have to use protopic all over my body.Only thing is for me the EHerp is quite frequent and lots of colds.Anyway... There is always something with skin.Take care, Aoibheann xx

  4. I am SO glad to see you doing well! I really got excited to see some new photos showing your skin looking so much better (and hopefully more comfortable). And don't worry, my eyebrows grew back in eventually. It took a while but it happened!

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  6. So happy to see your skin improving! Go kick that cold's butt, you're killing TSW you can kill anything ;)

  7. Its great that your skin has improved so much! I noticed a few with TSW have lost their eyebrows. My son Josh, lost his months ago. Is it a common thing with eczema, or just TSW? Louise(Josh's mum)

    1. Hi Louise, I think it's a common trait of eczema as it seems that the skin lacks moisture and thus the hair goes brittle and snaps off.