Thursday, 17 April 2014

Eczema Herpeticum Round 9

So er yeah. Things aren't really progressing much at all and I think I might need to pop to the dermatology department for a second opinion. It actually looks a lot worse off camera. Looks like a sick day from work too. I'm so gutted.

Edit: Went to hospital in the end and it turns out it's actually herpeticum. Again. Makes sense though because I did have a horrible cold and this came straight after. At least I know to stop taking the antibiotics anyway. So yeah, this is my 9th time in the space of 2 years. Hmpf.


  1. OH NO!! Not again, you poor thing! I've never heard of this condition before - is it similar symptoms to TSW? Do you usually treat it with antibiotics? Hope you recover soon :(

    1. Hi Josh, no it's not like TSW - it's a viral skin infection brought on by the herpes simplex virus so antivirals are needed. It's not fair because someone with healthy skin would only get 1 measly cold sore, usually on their lips, whereas because I'm prone to eczema, it spreads very quickly through the skin. It can be dangerous if not dealt with quickly because it can spread to the organs. It's a bit of a dermatological nightmare really.

    2. Ahh gotcha - what a pain! I wish you a speedy recovery, hopefully this will be less frequent as you get through TSW. You said you get it after a cold - could vitamin C help a little (to stave off colds)? Hope you feel better soon. Louise (Josh's mum) x

    3. GRR. Your eyes are STUNNING! I'm a photographer and I want to photograph them haha.. Is that weird?

    4. Ha! It wouldn't usually be weird but it is because of what I am showing in the image.

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