Saturday, 5 April 2014

Still Plodding On

Hey guys, so it's been 2 weeks since my last update and there's just so much to tell you. Firstly, the reason I haven't put up any new photographs of my skin is because there hasn't really been much to show you in the way of change. I'm still dry, still getting red rashes from time to time so the pictures would just be similar to the others and I felt that pointless. I've also had a really hard time taking photos of my face. I just can't do "selfies" any more and if it's not that, then the camera keeps depicting redness that isn't there! Stupid thing. I also still have itch fits from time to time, though these are less and less severe and a very quick shower usually sorts me out.

The second thing I have to say is... *drum roll please*............. we're moving to Leeds! Yes, finally we're moving out of Lincoln and I am so damn proud that we can start to get our lives on track again. We've been stuck here for the last 5 years (6 for Shane) and it's just time to move on. I don't know if this is having an affect on my current red, dry skin because I can't say I'm not stressed. There's so much to do and finances won't be great this month but in a few months time we will be in a much better position. Yay! Also a few of my friends live in or around the area and my mum will be a mere hours journey away <3 I will however miss my Lincoln friends. Now that I'm finally on the mend I can be social but just as this is happening, I'm forging friendships only to leave them behind which sucks!

This past Wednesday I went to see my derm nurse and typically I didn't look my best but oh well! I was a little bit red and blotchy but that's probably the stress of trying to keep my skin nice to show her how well I've been doing. (FYI: I haven't seen her since October 2013!) She said the dermatologist had been given the go ahead to trial a new injection and I was one of the prime candidates. Well ha! I'm moving to Leeds so you can stick your injection (pun intended) I'm not going to be your guinea pig any longer! So that's the end of that. I have an open appointment if I need it, but otherwise I'm basically free.

My legs and back have retreated to their former white glory. The skin is lovely and smooth and doesn't require any moisture at all! Some areas get dry from time to time but I couldn't be happier. My tummy still gets the odd flare but it's nothing to complain about.

You can still see the scarring but when comparing it to how they were they're bloody fantastic! Here's a reminder of how they were.

I can't seem to stop scratching at my arms so they're a bit of a sorry state but I know they'll sort themselves out in their own time.

Similarly I can't seem to leave my neck alone at the moment. Last week it was fine but for some reason this week it's gone back to it's horrible dry self. Ho hum.

The brows are coming back once again but you can see a lot of creases and wrinkles from the dryness of my face.

This side appears to be my better side. Though the brows are still struggling.

And here I am. I'm a little bit red but I'm not too fussed. It doesn't look a bad red like it did initially. For people who didn't know how naturally pale I was they would probably think this was my normal tone... maybe.

Life does get better!

Hope everyone is well :)


  1. You are looking great! Progress! I feel very similiar to you at 25 months right now - maybe a little worse actually - but with legs that are looking a feeling much better, too! Just having one body part start to feel better makes a big difference for the state of mind. Bring on the total healing!

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  3. Hi Jenny,
    I'm so glad I've found your blog! my boyfriend is going through the same thing as you. He's had a rash on his face for more than a month now (we first thought it was because of an allergic reaction to aloe vera), the GP prescribed him some steroids, creams etc but it didn't help much and the rash spread all over his body. A couple of days ago he woke up with his right eye completely swollen we went to A&E, they gave him an antibiotic and another cream, said it's eczema and said that he needs to get a referral from his gp to a dermatologist however the gp stated that with the referral it will probably take him a month or more to see one, so we're trying to see a private one. Can I ask you, have you had an allergy to fur bearing animals since birth or have you acquired it later on in life? I'm scared that it is because of our dog which we got about 8 months ago (but he was never allergic to animals) or maybe it's because of the aloe vera cream(he did use the cream for a while until the eczema appeared on his face gradually and when he was younger he had a bad reaction to it) or maybe he's allergic to something completely different?
    I do feel for you and hope your eczema is better :)
    Take care

    1. Hi Diana, if you read through my archive, and in fact use the "search" bar at the top to read my posts on allergies you will see that I've said I never used to be allergic to animals. It is only after an incident of stress that my allergies happened at all and became worse and worse over the years because of the over-use of steroid creams and immunosuppressive drugs, which have further broken down the skins barrier and diminished my immune system. Stop using the aloe vera if you expect an allergy. You should always patch test a product on a clear before you use it anyway.

      Hope that helped and I hope your boyfriend gets some respite soon.


  4. Hi Jenny,

    My has your skin made some improvements since I first started following your blog. Lol, isn't it ridiculous how we celebrate our skin NOT flaring? Oh well, part of the process. Congrats on your move! Love how you told your derm to shove it :D


    1. Thank you Megan :D She did need telling in all fairness seeing as her instructions are part of the reason I became so ill in the first place! It is kind of ridiculous when you think about it, but it's like with any illness, when it isn't being a raging beast you have to triumph when it does simmer down because you can regain a hold of your life once more!

      Hope you are well?