Monday, 8 September 2014

15.5 Months

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been distant and didn't update after the weekend as I said I would. The calm never seems to last long for me and after a weekend of being a normal person, I found myself with eczema herpeticum again, and that's despite taking a maintenance dose of 400mg x2 daily. Since then I haven't had the lovely skin that I did and it has just been a constant battle to try to regain it.  I am however still managing to live a fairly normal life and haven't had any recovery days recently which I can only see as a positive thing.

Still chugging along and I believe I am now 15.5 months into withdrawal. Looks like I'm in it for the long haul. Was going to include some pictures but my phone doesn't seem to want to show the full extent of the damage. Never mind.


  1. My phone is stupid with taking photos too, don't worry. So long as you continue to stay off the steroids things will get better eventually :) I guess the crap thing about immuno suppressants is it sets you up for infections and the like. It sucks heaps you get them so often!! I would be so mad.
    Always a pleasure to read your posts. I hope you see another up period soon.

  2. Yeah it's a bit of a vicious circle really but oh well. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Made my day :) xx

    1. No worries, I'm happy it made your day :)

  3. Aww Jenny! I'm so sorry! There's gotta be something good on the horizon for you. <3

    I'll be sending you Happy Healing Thoughts.

  4. Hi Jenny, I've been following your story for a year now. I wanted to tell you your blog helped me figure out what was wrong with my own skin issues. I'm not an eczema sufferer, but I contracted eczema herpeticum from a primary HSV-1 infection. It went undiagnosed and destroyed the skin barrier of my face. The only thing stopped it was discovering your blog and then seeing what I had was eczema herpeticum. I started taking precautions and there has been an improvement.

    I feel your pain with the recurrent infections, since my initial infection has not stopped at all in 13 months, despite a host of varied antiviral treatment.

    Hang in there, and thank you again for sharing the information!

    1. Thanks for commenting Anon! Oh my goodness! You've been plagued by the same infection for over a year?! That is actually insane :| I hope you are able to get it under control once and for all and I'm glad I could be of assistance in helping you find out about herpeticum. It's a horrible condition.

      All the best x