Sunday, 21 September 2014

16 Months TSW

OK, I'm going to stop apologising for my absence and lack of communication as it must be getting old to you all now and I'm sure you can understand why I have been updating less and less.

Tomorrow will mark 16 months post topical steroid treatment. Hurray!

Since my last post where I had been bad, I had an appointment last week with my dermatology nurse who has since upped my dosage of Ciclosporin, and to counteract that, has also upped my Aciclovir in an attempt to prevent the herpeticum from reoccurring. I do have a cold at the moment though so we'll see how I fare in the next couple of weeks. I have my fingers firmly crossed because I also have an appointment with the dermatologist in 3 weeks and I can't be bothered to go through the steroid spiel again. I don't know if I mentioned before on my blog but I was referred by the hospital for liaison psychiatry and I can only think that is because they think I'm steroid phobic, Oh dear, dear, dear.

I've seen a lot of people getting better recently and that gives me some hope to hold on to. I already know I'm better from where I was when I started the journey last year... even if my poor health has brought with it a series of unfortunate illnesses that you couldn't even make up, including my mini stroke/ TIA that occurred last August. Crazy times.

I need to regain control of my strict vegan diet as I have strayed away as September is my birthday month and there have been too many occasions that have called for celebration. It is however becoming difficult now that the seasons have changed as fruit is becoming worse in quality which is putting me off slightly. No one likes mouldy fruit. Yuck! I don't think healthy eating has helped my skin yet but then again I haven't done it for long enough to yield good results. Plus boosting my immunity, especially on immunosuppressants is definitely necessary.

Also pics:

Me today

Yay for eyebrows. I need to get them sorted now because they actually look disgustingly wide.
This was the only photo I could capture where my face didn't look MEGA wrinkly. I don't think it's that bad in person but my camera seems to make me look about 80.

See! D;

Does anyone else suffer from this or has your skin managed to regain some of its former elasticity?

Anyways enough of my ramblings and I hope everyone is faring well.


  1. Congrats!
    My face looks wrinkly like that when the top layer is about to form flakes and come off... maybe thats the case with you?? Stay strong!!

    1. Not sure it is that this time. My skin has gone gorgeously smooth due to the ciclo so no flakes... but still mega wrinkly.

  2. My face looks wrinkly fro my eczema except for the very occasional times when I have managed not to scratch for a few days, which makes a HUGE difference. Sadly I have no idea what makes me able to not scratch my face on those days.

  3. YES! I see pics of myself and look like I went though a time lapse app!

  4. It is so good to see you doing so much better! I noticed that my forehead still has wrinkles that weren't there before and around my mouth I still have creases where the worst of my breakouts were. Mostly now it's when the skin is taut that you can see red marks. Just recently I also noticed my fingers are healing but they're still weirdly baggy and puffy. It's slow but it happens, just takes time! I try to drink tons of water to try and help my skin out. But for sure I gained most if not all of my skin's elasticity back, it just took a while.