Saturday, 8 November 2014

Infected Eczema

Hey guys,

Thought I owed you all an update. So around the 22nd October I was given antibiotics for a bacterial infection that had started to crop up around my nose and mouth. Within a couple of days this cleared up and I finished my course of antibiotics.

Fast forward to the 27th; moving day. This was me after hours of running around, loading and unloading, carrying heavy items up to our top floor apartment. No hives. I was on top of the world.


However as we know this is me and my life is never simple.

Fast forward to the following Monday (3rd Nov) I could see some redness occurring on my face and such but this was the day I went to see my derm nurse and for some reason my skin always goes a bit backwards when I see medical professionals. Funny coincidence that, huh? But we shook it off as just that, Afterall the rest of my body was perfect.

The following day I woke in the early hours to a sickness bug. This carried on for the entire day and I was so weak I couldn't even drink fluids.

The day after (Wed 5th Nov) my skin was becoming a right old mess but I didn't want to ring in sick at work. So braved it and went in even though I could see the beginnings of infection returning.



After my shift I went straight to the hospital to see my derm nurse as she had previously said on Monday that she would rather me be seen there than by my GP. So off I went and was swabbed and given a longer course of antibiotics.

The next day (Thursday) I woke up feeling terrible and my skin had worsened and was visibly spreading. I decided to go to work anyway as I figured the antibiotics would soon start to kick in.

Friday I woke up and was far, far worse. My eyes were now completely affected and crusted shut together. It was now on my chest, back, backside, legs and arms. I was a mess and it hurt so bad I couldn't move.


This brings us to today (Saturday). It hasn't improved at all and the antibiotics don't seem to be working as quickly as usual. I am however going to wait it out until Monday for improvement but if not you can bet I'll be straight back to the doctors.


For some reason the redness and swelling isn't being depicted so clearly by my phone. I think it's because smart phones these days are made to give more "flattering photos" for the vain upon us, rather than depicting what is really there. But alas you can see I am suffering.

I haven't felt this horrendous since my last bout of MRSA. I also have a wisdom tooth coming through which of course isn't helping matters, especially given that I can barely open my mouth as it is due to the extreme dryness. Ho hum. Suck it up.

Fingers crossed the weeping will soon stop as that is definitely the worst thing ever with infection.


  1. OMG what the hell is with your skin and its constant infections? It should man up and leave you alone!!
    Hope the anti biotics work soon... stay strong

  2. Hello Jenny, a lot of people had amazing results curing eczema on a plant based diet. Just type the keywords "eczema" and "vegan" in google search bar and you're on your way to a happy healthy life. Have a nice day ^^

  3. Hi Jenny. i'm a french girl and i have eczéma too. I very hope that you will find a solution to your skin problem. I have a blog (since 1 week only!) for help people because i have tested a lot of things l! If you want see my blog come to Bye

  4. Oh, god that is terrible. I was born with eczema and since I went on holiday to Asia, my eczema finally returned and gave me a real head in! Right now, my eczema is fully focused on my lips. Darn it! I hate it when you have sore lips! I haven't been really bothered to eat properly as well due to my skin condition. Every time my eczema is bugging me, I become really down and feel depressed...

  5. I've had eczema my entire 59 years and its not getting better.. Just found out I have systemic nickel allergy as well and when I eat foods high in nickel I get weeping yellow eczema all over my face... sucks the diet is very difficult... wonder if you have ever been tested for it..