Saturday, 29 November 2014

Month 18 TSW

Last Saturday I reached my bench mark of 18 months, however I have been unable to sit down and blog because work has been pretty manic recently with the build up to Christmas and all of this Black Friday malarky, of which I have had to work. Luckily my store didn't get any aggro and I'm not starting until a little later today so although busy, I'll have missed the huge rush, if there even is one...

So how am I?

Not great really. The infection came back for the third time however the antibiotics aren't doing anything. Last night I must have scratched myself raw because I've woken up oozing all over my neck, cheeks and ears. It's pretty grim :( Especially so since I haven't had any oozing of this sort for a long time. I'll just accept it as one of those things.

No photos today as I simply cannot be bothered to pick up my phone. So you'll just have to take my word that I'm not that great. Obviously this is nothing at all like past flares as I don't get the hives that accompany them any more. Yet it is especially painful today and I can barely move my neck because it is so sore and I'm keeping it moisturiser free. Today will be a fun day at work I'm sure.

Maybe I'll feel more inclined to post photos later but for now -

Over and out!


I changed my mind. This blog does act as my form of diary after all.

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  1. There was a big fight in our local tesco in the electricals department. Glad I wasn't there! Sorry to hear about your current flare. I'm sure this cold weather isn't helping much. I'm three years into this process now and my skin has improved so much over this past year, so keep battling on. I found the 24-36 month mark was a lot easier to deal with.

    Much love and virtual hugs. X