Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Jinxed for Infection

So I clearly jinxed myself the other day as out of no where an infection has taken hold. Miserable and peed off that I had to ring in sick. *le sigh*

Currently sat here with kitchen roll strung around my neck/ clutched to my face to staunch the yellow ooze.

Me before going to the doctors this morning.

Hey there gammy eye


  1. Hi Jenny. Sorry you're in a bad patch at the moment. Do you think it's because you've hit the two year mark? Did you have a similar flare when you hit the 1 year mark? Odd questions I know. Are you still taking the vitamin d & iron supplements?

  2. Hi Jenny, I've been reading your blog for ages now and it has really helped me through some tough times. I have had eczema since birth, and at times it has been so very bad. After several bad years 2015 is going well....I read an article on the NES Facebook account about probiotics in pregnancy. Not pregnant but thought I'd give it a go. Could be completely unrelated but since I started the probiotics my skin has been so much better. Not perfect of course but noticeable improvement. I know it can be incredibly frustrating having people saying having you tried x, y and z and then spending money and it not working, but I just thought I'd mention it in case it helps. I'm not talking about throes sugary yoghur probiotics but oral tablets. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Thanks so much for keeping your blog.

  3. Hey, I used to come on your blog often a few years ago when I came off steroids and my body went crazy. Your whole blog has been inspiring and so relatable. I'm now at a stage where my skin is comfortable again, and although I still have eczema scar in places I haven't had a flareup since 2013 and the itching is manageable, ( I have my eyebrows and hairline back as well) I've changed my diet a lot too- just generally eating a lot more good green stuff inorporating more herbs etc and gravitating away from junk food. I'm now focusing on my career and my online hobbies. Thank u so much for posting everything it has made me relieved I'm not the only one who went through all the horrible things some of it was so embarrassing. Immunosuppresants are no good! I knew it from when I was a kid but I had to just do what I was told. I wish u all the best in your future endeavours and a happy healthy journey continuing. Well done for sticking it through and getting off the corticosteroids. <3

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