Friday, 19 June 2015

Things Not To Say To An Eczema Sufferer

Things Not To Say To An Eczema Sufferer: Dermatologist Version

So today after refusing to use steroidal treatment she comes out with this gem:

"...Well if you want to go round with a disease on your face instead."

Really? Did you just tell an eczema sufferer (eczema being an inflammatory condition not a disease) that they have a DISEASED face?

I hope to the Gods that this ridiculously idiotic woman doesn't go round spouting this sort of tripe as a scare factor to other more vulnerable patients. Way to give someone a complex hmm?

/Rant of the day

Thanks for your comments guys! I'm going to ask my nurse if I can see someone different next time.


  1. That's awful. I hope your going to put in a complaint? She should be sacked for that.

  2. This fills me with so much rage

  3. She's a derm. She knows eczema is not a disease? Right? Some people should definitely engage brain before opening their mouths. So sad you were treated like this Jenny.

  4. I hope you said that to the derm's face and not only to us or your friends

    1. In honesty I've created a thick enough skin that it didn't affect me. It was only when I really thought about it afterwards that I realised how utterly cruel and rude that is to say to anyone.

  5. How awful, unprofessional, unkind. Not to mention completely disrespectful. Just because she doesn't agree with how you are choosing to deal with this condition/situation. Definitely complain.

  6. Seriously, thats the worst. I hate that, I went to see a doctor for a skin infection because I needed anti-biotics and the only he could talk about for 15 minutes was what I should be trying and taking for my eczema. My eczema also covers my whole body (since I was a kid) - following your blog has really given me confidence about life with eczema. So I am extremely sorry that happened and disappointed with some of the things I hear. Doctor's study the condition, you live with it.

  7. I think these so called 'experts' are so detached from the suffering of people with the conditions they treat they just don't understand the emotions of the people that go to them for help.
    The most insensitive thing to say to anyone. I remember my first ever derm was an absolute bully and then when I got upset she sent me on a counselling course!
    Swap to one that actually has feelings too : )

  8. OMG, I would punch that derm. I agree with Jemma that a lot of "experts" do not care about their patients at all. They just prescribe according to protocols

  9. Awful! I had a rashy spot on my cheek that would heal for like a year (this was before TSW) when I went in for something else she mentioned she had something that would get rid of it. I was super excited until she came back with a needle and said she would have to shoot it in my face. NO THANK YOU! Told her I'd pass and she replied "Fine come back in two years when it's still there."

  10. They don't have any consideration before. One told me a few months ago that 'it's not that bad, surely you can cope with it'.

    I was fuming!! They literally just pass you from doctor to doctor and never seem to actually help!