Thursday, 14 March 2013

Documenting My Skin 14/3

So I can't be bothered to keep doing single installments of my days throughout the month so I'll let you wait until the end to show you the full montage of images displaying my skin. Though I have to put my hands up and admit there have been a couple of days where I've simply forgotten to snap an image because the camera hasn't been in reach/ been too tired and what not.

I thought I'd include a few pictures of how my skin was this morning though. It doesn't really show close-ups of the entirety of my face, which admittedly was rather grim, but it does give you an idea.

Since having showered and moisturised my face is now lovely and blotchy. Sometimes I'm not sure which stage I prefer... the incredibly dry, tight and cracked stage that peels off and weeps with huge discomfort, or the moisturised blotchy stage where the skin feels red, inflamed, itchy and just as uncomfortable/ intolerable. There's no happy medium. When my skin is bad, it's bad.

Unfortunately I'm working today and doing a food shop straight after so no doubt I'll be a bit of a mess tonight, as I inevitably am after a day of work. Those who say they're "allergic to work" say hello to me, I actually am!


  1. Hi. Your skin looks really similar to another blogger called Juliana who writes on a blog called antisteroid on Wordpress. She stopped using steroids about 2 years ago and is now doing a lot better.

    Have you considered that you may have steroid dependent eczema, or "red skin syndrome?" Many years of steroid use can cause the skin to go into a vicious cycle of flares. There is a charity called ITSAN that helps people who think they may be suffering from this. It is worth looking into.

    Great blog BTW. I found your post on eczema herpeticum interesting. I had it about 16 years ago and it turned my face into a massive yellow crust. Not pleasant. Even now, when I am stressed or run down, I get the odd cold sore, but nothing like that initial attack, it got in my eyes and everything. Thanks for raising awareness about this.

    It's also nice to see how much your fella cares about you. Hopefully you will both continue to raise awareness about how eczema affects people. X

  2. I just posted under a different topic here and asked for photos. I see you have some. Thank you. I don't have facial involvement, only my torso right now.