Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm just a little flakey

Just thought I'd show you all what I've been contending with for these past few mornings. Delicious flakes. Mmmm!


And a beautiful close-up...


"Oooh that's a keeper!" I think Gold Member from Austin Powers would be having a field day.


  1. you poor thing! i have eczema too and it flares up crazily! just thought i would pass a few things on which ive found to help, youve probablly done them all 100 times though! where do you live? im from uk and when i go on family holidays to the carribean my eczema totally goes! the sun and dry heat clears it up in a flash? also bathing in emoliients, the proper greasy ones, also taking an anthistamine daily takes some redness down and stops some itching, also you persistence with the sterioud creams, morning and night religiously, followed my moisteriser, diprobase? ive had bandages as a child for a year to try and keep it moist and let it heal and we got it alot better! for the bits all around my lips i use nivea soothe and protect lip balm \9has to be that one) constantly all over, its brilliant!!! everyone ive told loves it! clean bedding, dust mites arent good! air con is bad and so is central heating! xx

  2. ahh just seen your post about people asking you if youve tried this or not! sorry probably very annoying!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment :) I actually already carry out the majority of those that you've mentioned apart from the sun as I come out in hives as soon as it looks at me!x