Monday, 11 March 2013

Reaching A Mile Stone: & How I Feel Today

Wow guys I've finally hit 3,500 views and it's only been 6 weeks. Thanks for coming to visit and please do share my blog around if you think it could benefit or even educate someone else :)

After a reasonably good day yesterday my eczema has decided to do that thing where it just randomly goes bad, swells, itches and weeps. I woke up this morning with my eyes swollen and massively encrusted in dry yellow weepy skin - yummy! But once again have no idea what to pinpoint as the culprit as I did have a reasonably good day yesterday and didn't eat anything out of the ordinary.

Today I'm having a recovery day, applying copious amounts of moisturiser, guzzling antihistamines and have pleaded with another colleague to cover my shift. He's such a star <3 but of course as I explained in my last post, means that I am losing out on money much needed. Never mind.

Check out this video I found on Youtube relating to allergies. It's so relatable and made me laugh xD


  1. Crusty yellow weeping skin sounds like an infection got into the open wounds. Easy enough to happen. Yellow is usually a good indicator of infection. I've had that happen. I was on oral antibiotics 3 times in a row this time last year to clear up infection with my eczema. I had an antibiotic cream that made a world of difference to but unfortunately needed a prescription for it.

    Advice for dealing with infected eczema:

    - wash it carefully and frequently (to keep infected oozy stuff from getting everywhere), even if its just with plain water.

    - use q-tips to apply the creams. So you don't get the bacteria into the cream. (you go through a lot of q-tips, but better than getting the infection into your creams and spread it to other areas).

    - Keep your finger nails super short and wash your hands frequently. (this is the big one for me, cause I touch my face too much and as soon as my nails get a little bit long I have more issues with my face. It doesn't take really scratching it to spread/cause infection, even just absently grazing your nail over the skin might disrupt the surface enough to let bacteria in. Eczema skin doesn't have the same protective barrier as healthy skin.)

    1. Thanks for the reply Grace :) These are all brilliant tips that I also adhere by so for anyone reading - ensure you carry out these processes if you do notice an infection occurring!

      My skin seems to do this on a more than frequent basis but usually sorts itself out in a day or so providing it's clean and moisturised well with use of steroid creams. Obviously if I notice it getting worse I'd be straight at the doctors surgery for some good ol' antibiotics!