Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Don't Let Them Bring You Down

I must say that I have reached a stage in my life where I have managed to come to some kind of terms with the fact that I suffer from severe eczema. I've stopped giving a damn about how I look without make-up if I need to leave the house and I know I will never be able to wear or even do some of the things that I used to. This does not however mean that I have become completely immune to some of the comments and looks that people give when I'm having a bad flare.

Working within retail can be really difficult sometimes. You are faced each day with a plethora of customers, some kind, some not so kind. I get quite a few inquisitive remarks asking if it is eczema that I have, alongside some downright filthy looks when they see my hands and arms as I'm packing away their precious new items of clothing.

When this happens, you just have to think that we as people are ignorant and will judge by appearance. Everyone does it. Hell, even me. It's just within our nature as human beings to see something outside of the norm and to not completely understand it. However, it's what you do with your initial judgement that really counts. Some people will look away, some will be rude and stare and even comment, some will look at you sympathetically and others will ask you why you're different.

I don't mind explaining my condition to others, as you can see from the fact I've made a blog to promote awareness, I am more than happy to talk about it. I'm not embarrassed at the fact that I can't control my body, I just become agitated more than anything as I know that when I do flare I will get comments and questions that I know I will no doubt have to answer. A lot of other people I speak to are embarrassed about their eczema but they shouldn't be. You can't help that you're having a flare, it just happens. Sure, it's annoying as hell having to walk around with a blotchy red face but don't be embarrassed, you are you, you're much more than just the way you look.

Happiness is one of the key ingredients to living a less stressful life, and can even help to regulate your condition, and so it is paramount to not let people belittle you just because you have an illness that is difficult to control. If you are bullied because of your eczema then these people just aren't worth an ounce of your time. These people promote toxicity and need to be severed from your life else they will no doubt allow you to feel terrible about yourself. You don't need that. At the end of the day looks are just looks and don't really matter in the grand scheme of things if you are just able to alter your perception of life; beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Basically, don't let people get you down about the fact that you're living with eczema. You're already going through enough of a battle with your condition to let these added extras bring you down. You are more than your condition. You are you and you can succeed.

I really hope this helps, not just eczema sufferers, but anyone who is facing a hard time with their appearance. :)


  1. Too true.

    I think I got to the point with my skin where it didn't bother me anymore. I used to be so hung up on my appearance and now i Stick photos of my blotchy face all over my blog for people to see!

    Sorry to hear you are having another it of the EH. Hope you get well soon Hun. X

    1. :) Thanks for your comment! I think the first stage of any condition is to acknowledge it and once you've been able to show the world that it doesn't phase you putting a picture of it on the internet you've basically won. That's how I feel anyway.

      The EH has gone now thankfully! I'm on a permanent dose of aciclovir to keep it at bay and taking Mycophenolate and using white soft paraffin to try to regulate my eczema. I find every single day is different though.x

  2. Jenny I am so sad reading your latest update tonight.This time last year I was out of work for a month as I had a serious flare up all over me.Like you., I too was so embarrassed and my face went even redder when I met people and was envolved in a conversation.Comments like oh you must have been away been away in the sun made me very upset.You are coping very well and just look at your wonderful achievement alone documenting this whole distressing condition.Glad you are over the awful herpes virus.Well tonight my neck is like crocodile skin and almost sore to turn with a bad flare up so I am feeling rather fed up too.Just thinking it could be the shampoo...Another problem for my next hospital appointment which I may discuss.Thanks again for your updates I am learning lots from you, Aoibheann xx

  3. Thanks for your comment Aoibheann :) I am so glad my posts do help you, it's fantastic to know that my little space of internet is really helping people. One of the reasons that spurred me on to make this post was because at work the other day my skin went red because of the heat within the shop and I had so many people saying "You look hot and flustered" even though I wasn't in the slightest, that's just how my skin goes when presented with heat as I have heat allergies. I just found it annoying for people to comment on it like that.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having it rough with your skin. Keep on applying the moisturiser and your skin will eventually become more supple. When's your next appointment?xx

  4. Oh I know that flustered heat feeling!I was told to start taking Zantac high dosage on prescription which is a H2 blocker.The lady dermatologist I attend did not explain the benefits of this to me so not sure what they are.I think she is running out of patience with me as I am always asking questions and I suppose moaning:( Having been messed around by GP's I do not take any chances anymore.A quick question Jenny, what shampoo agrees with you?Have tried Elave but not agreeing with me at all this month.As I said neck and scalp not good.It says paraben and perfume free. Sorry for the questions but you are a avolume of knowledge:)Hope you have a relaxing and itch free weekend xx

    1. Oh right? I'll ask about it during my next visit. You've also reminded me I need to make a doctors appointment to see if I'm allowed an epipen when visiting my family who have pets as I always end up in hospital with a severe reaction (both skin and asthma).

      To be honest, the only shampoo/ conditioner I've found to not irritate me is Patene Full & thick collection but this does contain an awful lot of ingredients such as the dreaded lanolin but I personally don't have a problem with it. It's all trial and error for every individual unfortunately!

      I'm off to watch the other half run the London Marathon this weekend so unfortunately it won't be that stress-free but I'm sure it'll be all good fun nevertheless! Hope you're taking it easy this weekend?xx

    2. Hi Jenny...I am so sorry you have to suffer with this condition. I wanted to reach out to you because I have helped many individuals like yourself. I am a skincare consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists, and we have an amazing regimen specifically designed to treat eczema. If you aren't completely satisfied, you can send your empty bottles back for a full refund. Email

  5. This is so powerful! Thanks for all the support, for me it has been really difficult to accept eczema. By the way for all the people suffering the same, I recommend you foderma, this treatment has changed my life!