Friday, 19 April 2013


So this Sunday my other half will be running the London Marathon which makes up a tiny 4-5% of his overall 1000km Challenge. He is running to help raise money and awareness for the National Eczema Society in order to pave a way into finding the inevitable cure for this horrible, and often debilitating condition.

1000km is one hell of a challenge! Many people run one 10k or one marathon NOT 1000KM!!! That's the equivalent of 621.37 miles which is around the equivalent of going from Plymouth (South of England) to Inverness (Scottish Highlands)! That is one hell of a way really isn't it?! Not to mention it would take 209 hours which is basically over 8 days of running non-stop. MIND BLOWING?!

Every weekend, come rain or shine, and even snow, he is lacing up his trainers and running anything from a 10k (worth 1%) or a half marathon or full marathon. He is now over 1/4 of the way there with 285.94km under his belt. However despite his best efforts has only raised a measley 22% of his £6000 target. Imagine how much research can be carried out with £6000?

In order to sponsor Shane you can donate as much or little as you feel appropriate to or alternatively you can text "RACE55 £x" (£1-£10) to 70070.

Please help to spread his mighty, epic challenge. Thank you :)

Much love to any of you who do sponsor, it really is a worthy cause!


  1. Hi! I made a donation, only small I'm afraid but I guess every little helps? How's your skin at the moment? Jess x

    1. Aww you sweetheart :) of course it all helps! Thank you so much Jess :D We're meeting up with some of the National Eczema Society team at the London Marathon this Sunday and they will be much appreciative of anything they can get over the course of this year :) xx