Monday, 22 April 2013

The London Marathon - Raising Money For Eczema

This weekend saw my other half, Shane run the greatly prestigious London Marathon, his first EVER marathon! He did extremely well, running it in 3 hours and 47 minutes and for that alone I reckon is a major commendable achievement. After all, he isn't doing it for himself, he's doing it in order to raise money and awareness for those who suffer from this awful skin complaint in the hope of providing the National Eczema Society with the much needed capital to fund necessary research to finding the cure.

Despite not being in the best shape for this big run; lack of quality sleep and eating far too much rubbish due to his birthday being earlier this week, he's done amazingly and I am so proud of him. Next weekend he will be running the half marathon in Stratford though does have the option of running the full marathon if he wishes. It's probably for the best if he recovers though!

Please, please sponsor him >>>

Photo after he'd crossed the finishing line.

Shane & I before the run. We weren't allowed to walk through into his area so this was goodbye until after the race.

After the race. The weather got out really sunny. It's hard to see here as my face is shaded but I'm actually very sunburnt.

Unfortunately because I take immunosuppressants I am much more susceptible to sun burn. It's my own stupid fault for not having sun cream to hand, but I'm yet to find one that doesn't irritate my eczema. I find that sun cream tends to have a drying out effect on the skin, so need to moisturise directly after application but this then defeats the object of wearing sun cream as the moisturiser acts as a grease, thus heating up and causing a cooking effect. Rubbish! Looks like I need to shop for a big floppy hat in the near future!

I will write up a separate post relating to some other issues I've thought up this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for those.


  1. Congratulations for both of you! He's doing amazingly :) And he looks so happy in those photos after the race! Here's hoping he gets lots more donations :) xxx

    1. Thanks Charley :D & thanks so much for yet another donation! You're far too lovely for your own good :) He was very proud of himself and didn't even whinge too much about being in obvious pain :p xxx

    2. You're more than welcome! May as well put my student loan to good use eh :P xxx