Saturday, 25 May 2013

All The Cake

Wow. What a fantastic day today has been!

The sun has been shining, putting us all in a lovely mood which has been absolutely brilliant for the Bake Sale we held today to help promote Shane's 1000km Challenge in order to raise money for the National Eczema Society. We made a whopping £152.72 which couldn't have been achieved without the help of others donating their baked goods - so a big thank you to everyone who has taken part - we are incredibly grateful for your support!

The layout of this table changed a lot over the 6hrs we were there, including further cake donations!

It was also lovely to see a turn out of other eczema sufferers and to have a chat about our conditions sharing our tales of both woe and hope. I'm just so pleased that people have taken an interest in our cause as eczema as a condition tends to go unrecognised in the wider scheme of charities, especially given its debilitating nature in a large number of individuals.

My friend pictured above, Hannah, who blogs over at The Retired Bridgeburner, came to stay overnight to help us man the bake sale. It's been lovely having her here and I am beyond grateful for her assistance and indeed putting up with me complaining about being extremely itchy and flaky ;) Come back soon, Hannah! She is a huge tea and cake fiend like us, so of course despite being surrounded by cakes for a bake sale we had to bake some for ourselves! We also had to have a trip to Bunty's Tea Room which was a pleasure as always. People who have never been to Lincoln should always go to Bunty's as it is a part of the city experience! 

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  1. I shall come back soon in trade for banana muffins! :D pleased to help and it was lovely to see the famous Bunty's too! xxx