Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sore, Red, Dry, Itchy and Oozy

In my last post a lady linked me to her video that she had created about her experiences with this "Red Skin Syndrome" that is brought on from Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I was quick to show some of my immediate friends and family as she explains it all so, so well and her story is extremely similar to mine. I also like her comical way of putting the video together. It made it that much more "real" and there's definitely no pussy-footing about (no pun intended Miss Kitty Fantastico!) she gets straight to the point.

So please take the time to watch this, it really is interesting!

In news of how I am today, well I'm not good really. I only woke up at 11:30 which is hugely late for me but the truth is I've been avoiding getting up because it just feels all too raw and painful today. It's all because of last night's antics and frustrations. I came home from work expecting to be able to have a nice relaxing bath and the hot water stopped being hot when I'd only filled a small amount of the tub so sitting there on the bathroom floor in a state of itchy frenzy, with no one to support me I had a bit of a break down. It  took about an extra 40 minutes or so until I could run my bath. 

It will sound beyond trivial to some that I wasn't able to bathe as and when I wanted to but it isn't because I want to, it's because I need to for the sake of my poor skin. If I don't pander to the needs of my skin as soon as I can life just doesn't feel worth living.


  1. Hi Jenny! I definitely understand what you are going through. I'm in the middle of a bad flare up and I'm feeling like I'm going to have a break down in any moment. It's been a week and the skin it's not calming down. I've been bathing daily since Wednesday, eating cleaner and covering my skin with moisturizers. I wanted to go out tonight, but I'm thinking again about that.
    Hopefully, it will be better soon. Stay strong, I send you my virtual support! xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) I'm here for you too! What a pair we are! Do you find that when you have a flare you feel really crap in the sense that you get overly tired and stuff? All I want to do is sleep when I feel this way. Hope your skin takes a turn for the better so you can go out tonight. Today will just be a day of rest for me as I need to be better for work tomorrow.

    2. Exactly! I feel tired and lazy, a great combination when you have finals! I'll let you know how's going to turn out.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for linking my vid. It's scary how similar a lot of stories are out there and I am still finding that my mind is blown on a daily basis about this whole thing (even after 6 months).

    Hang in there, I'm so sorry that skin troubles are so hard. It's not just the pain (all over) but the constant exhaustion from fighting off infection (swollen lymph nodes right?) and lack of sleep (messed up cortisol).

    Just give me a shout if you even want to chat, have any questions, or think that I might be able to help in some way. Much love xxx