Sunday, 2 June 2013

Friday May 31st

*Be warned that there are some potentially NSFW images in this post.*

So on Friday I went to hospital and ended up being there for 3 bloody hours!!! My appointment was at 10:40 but I wasn't seen until an hour and a half later. I then had to get my blood pressure done, go for bloods, a new prescription of Ciclosporin and produce a urine sample which my bladder didn't want to cooperate with. Because I was there for so long I was unable to have a shower before work, leaving me in a right old state. So as you can see by the images below, it was not pretty.

I suppose I should tell you what happened when I saw my derm. Well he told me he read a bit of the article I gave him on Red Skin Syndrome but didn't find it particularly credible - thanks bud! Luckily my derm nurse seems to find it intriguing enough to look into though, so I shall share these articles and blogs etc. with her. 

I've decided to give Ciclosporin a 3rd chance whilst I withdraw because there is no way I will be able to continue to go to work whilst flaring seeing as I'm finding it difficult enough at present with the state I'm in. I'm completely zapped of energy which isn't helped by the fact that I've had to go to work for 6 days in a row and won't get a break on my days off as they are filled with things that need to be done. Ugh. I need to relax. It takes so much effort to preen myself for a short shift at work and by the time I'm home I'm scratching myself to pieces. Really not nice.

Without further ado - here are the promised pictures. Don't be too freaked out by my near-nakedness.

(L-R) Body; Chest, tummy, arms; Tummy/ above underwear line

(L-R) Tummy; Back of knee; Breast; Arm

A truly grimacing sight. 

My belly is so ridiculously awful. It actually looks like an old woman's tummy due to the loss of elasticity. My poor skin.

I'm also pretty wound up today because some complete moron randomly reversed into my car whilst we were waiting at traffic lights. Luckily there's only minor damage but I'm still hacked off. I didn't have a straight thinking head, and even less so because I was dying for a shower so I didn't get his contact details for if anything does occur later on. I swear people just like to vandalise my car for the hell of it. Must have a retard magnet on it somewhere...


  1. PLEASE take a look at Julianas blog today. Some of her photos were horrific, but today she posted that after 2 years of withdrawals, she is now HEALED. The blog link is here

    Hope it gives you hope. X

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for the link, I'm actually subscribed to her blog via emails! Can't believe the difference and so happy for her to have the confidence to show off her beautiful face :) xx

  2. Hi Jenny, how are you doing? hope going back on those tablets will give you some relief.You poor thing.I am strangely enough having a good month.By that I mean I am applying steroid cream to about a quarter of my body for the past 4 weeks rather than my entire body! however I feel I am living the life of a hermit as I can't go out in sun, can't sweat or I get a rash all over me, can't do any form of dusting and am literally running from car to house or else that pro topic cream will cause sunburn on face.I try to walk when the sun goes down but hayfever and itchy eyes prevail these had a long and stressful day at the hospital.Thankfully my oilatum plus is back in supply again.Would you consider trying that?only thing that works for me.So I ask myself am I doing well at the moment: staying indoors is depressing when the sun is shining.Its on days like this that I feel this condition is a disability.I hope you see some improvement this week, keep strong will keep in touch , Aoibheann xx

    1. Hey lovely :) I'm not so bad today. In fact when I came from work last night I didn't feel like I *needed* a shower like I have done for the past few weeks or so - so that in itself was an achievement. Then this morning I wake up looking a hell of a lot paler so I'm pleased as punch! I'm putting it down to the Ciclosporin as I can't think what else would have sorted it. Happy that it appears to be working this time around anyway.

      Glad you're going through a good patch :D hope it keeps up for you! I know all too well about the sun and heat though. It sure ain't good! I've actually been prescribed Epaderm which is supposed to be the same as Hydromol, just under a different brand name as Hydromol is my saviour! Though I would consider anything that provides some sense of relief :)

      Despite being ill I've managed to push myself to going to work every day this week, and am actually in again this afternoon. Won't get a break until Saturday unless I'm on the rota... in which case I'll have been working pretty much 2 weeks straight! Crazy times. I guess it's good to have your mind taken off the itch though as I wouldn't dare scratch in front of customers at work.


  3. I wonder what it is that derms find lacks credibility? I just don't get it! Just let me know (through FB or whatever) if you want adding to any forums xxx

  4. I just came across your blog a few days ago - wanted to stop in and say hello! I understand your frustration with your doctor! I work with a lot of doctors and they look at me like I am a freak if I talk about TSW. Too bad. Good luck with the ciclosporin! Hope it works for you!