Monday, 24 June 2013

June 24th 2013

Back to work this evening for me. Frustratingly after my skin has been doing so incredibly well it oozed and wept on my face, neck and chest last night, which has resulted in scratches, a red rash and little sleep.

Story of my life.

I hope it doesn't proceed to get worse else I'll have to seriously consider going back on the Ciclosporin, though in all fairness I am surprised that I have been able to go this long without anything but moisturisers. Very unlike me! 

I am a bit worried that I might get cellulitis again though. My course of antibiotics finished on Saturday and on the evening I had some edema (swelling due to fluid) under the eye that had been previously affected. I was worried that it was all going to kick off again but it seemed to be fine the next day. I'll be keeping a watch over it though as cellulitis can be a real problem, taking months to properly go away. Joyous.

Gah bumhug.

For once the camera has been kind to me as you can't really see the gouges/scratches but they are there. I'm just a very pink lady. My shoulders and tiny bit of hairline look really funny next to the redness.


Just tried to take some more close up pictures but it's really hard to capture the uneven skin tone where it looks kind of orangey in some places, yellow in others etc. but I did get this one, which shows how nasty and dehydrated my skin is despite my best efforts...

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  1. So glad to hear you are doing better after getting out of the hospital - I know you are not better in terms of TSW, but from the viral infection - hopefully it stays away for good!