Friday, 2 August 2013

Eczema Herpeticum No.8

Yup. As the title suggests in only 15 months I've contracted eczema herpeticum 8 times.

8 times!!!

I think it's time to do some digging around into natural ways of boosting my immune system seeing as though I am essentially crippled and broken. I don't want this to open an invitation to be plagued with people telling me to use this, that and the other high cost remedy... but I do openly admit that I need some help.

Once again I've rang in sick at work and toddled off to hospital to get seen by my derm. She's given me 800mg of Aciclovir to be taken 5 times a day in the hopes we can kick this in the face (my words, not hers). The thing that terrifies me is that I've already been taking Aciclovir, albeit at a much lower dose, but nevertheless it is already in my system. Just how much longer until I become completely immune? It's frightening to think about.

She's told me to avoid sun light at all costs, which I have been trying to do. I've only been outside in the sun driving around in my car or the train journey I endured last weekend and other than that have been trying to cover myself up walking quickly to places when I've got out of my car so I'm only in direct sunlight for a matter of minutes... I might have to don a burqa at this rate!

This seriously puts my festival next week into question... can I even go?! Yet on the other hand, yes I'll end up suffering by going with this but I'll end up suffering through going anyway so why miss out on an opportunity to do something that makes me happy? I sure as hell need it after the hell I've been through. 

Life lesson: don't allow yourself to get ill kids!

Hello, worlds most flattering photograph!

...& it's all over my body. Brilliant.


  1. Big hugs to you! I know that L-lysine in high doses is very effective and usually on offer at Holland and Barrett. Minimum of 4000mg per day during outbreaks. Xxx (please don't throw virtual tomatoes at me)

    1. Haha thanks lovely! Don't worry I won't throw anything at you as that actually seems like a viable option. I've sent the other half out to get some from Holland & Barrett :) found these websites too which are very interesting:


  2. Hi Jenny, oh poor you.I just hate that virus.I had it for two weeks in July and still have a good mark on my chin from it.Totally agree with you, the sun certainly brings on.So annoying having to ring in sick and it all costs a fortune.Hope you are improving , I know it is hard.Again, thanks soooo much for sharing your stories.I was just saying to my mum when I was stuck indoors during the hot spell that I have not seen one other person this summer or any other summer actually suffering with atopic eczema.They were all sporting their lovely tans and bare backs while we are driven crazy with itch!!!!HOpe you get to go your festival and enjoy yourself:)))) Love, Aoibheann xx

  3. Did you try the L- Lysine and did it work? Comments?