Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Still Recovering (Herpeticum)

Yep, I'm still slogging away with this wretched eczema herpeticum. However there have been some changes. It is still spreading despite being tiny and I've now managed to get a patch on my back which has been otherwise clear. It is incredibly frustrating to deal with as the skin still needs to be moisturised! I've been washing my hands constantly with antibacterial soap and hand sanitiser more often than I care to in an attempt to stop the spread. It has literally been a case of wash hands, do one limb, wash hands, do another limb and so on and so forth until I am that exhausted I fall asleep! Also having to remind Shane to keep on his toes with hand washing too especially seeing as it is such a contagious virus.

I'm also seriously itchy because the skin is regenerating itself in other places but "heal peel" as I like to call it is good peel, so I can't complain about that too much. Though it is a pain because if I scratch absent mindedly I give myself a real telling off because I don't want to spread any more herpeticum!

I feel really stubborn today and want to go to my festival despite all the goings on. I will need to get a prescription for more 800mg tablets of Aciclovir as it just isn't shifting as quick as usual. I suppose with it having been all over me, my body can only do so much healing at a time and I guess legs are hardest because they're further away from the heart or some such thing? Patience dearest, have patience!

Looking much better.
The crusty ooze I've been plagued with on both ears is now coming off as layers upon layers of shed. Mmm shed. I appear to have been very naughty though :(
More naughtiness on my chest but it looks better than before where it was covered in millions of little sores. The skin has an almost thickened look to it which makes sense because it's been crazy shedding and has a lot more to go! 
I thought the red/white was amusing. Not sure if palpules are teeny miniscule herpeticum or reverting back to steroid withdrawal.
Sorry for the bad quality. It was harder than I thought it would be to get a photo of the bit starting on my back.
The herpeticum on my right ankle is giving me so much grief! It keeps weeping and spreading :( It is all over my legs but this is the worst bit.
More teeny tiny vesicles on my other ankle. They are the size of  pin pricks but still raging away.

Oh well. I now need to start thinking about writing lists upon lists of stuff I need to pack, clothes I can wear, food to bring, ways to keep my health in good check etc, etc. to survive the festival. Wish me luck!


  1. I really hope you get to go to your festival.

    Enjoy yourself! I reckon having fun is the best therapy for TSW!

    Have a wonderful time. x

  2. Hope this passes soon Jenny, what a drag. Hope you shake the virus off for good too xx

  3. You're such a trooper! Nobody at that festival will be as dedicated as you haha, hope you have a seriously good time and kick the herpeticum in the face!

    Jo xx