Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Eczema Herpeticum (Round 8 for Reals)

So as mentioned yesterday after I was having such a good time, my skin had to perk up and remind me that I'm not out of the woods just yet. Eczema Herpeticum round number 8 (this time it is number 8 because August's bout turned out to be MRSA) has decided to renounce itself.

It started on Sunday evening when I got in from work, just in the outer corner of my eye. By yesterday morning my eye had gunked itself shut (mmm!) and I was left with an unsightly pink and bloodshot eye. The fact it had done that filled me with dread as I knew instinctively that it was definitely herpeticum that I was dealing with. I had my usual shower around lunch time and as the skin on my face was particularly uncomfortable and dry I decided to moisturise the rest of my face, completely avoiding my eye area. Of course that didn't seem to matter in the slightest as the moisturiser then acted as a catalyst of which to spread the bloody disease across all regions of my face. I'm my own worst enemy.

Poor gammy eye

I decided to go in to work anyway as it would take my mind off the widespread tingling sensations and volts of pain that come with its territory, regardless of the fact I knew I looked disgusting and children would cry and mother's would scream in sheer horror. Obviously that didn't happen and no one said anything or flinched away from me so that boosted my morale somewhat. As it was nearing the end of my shift I looked at myself in a mirror (oh vanity!) and saw that the pustules were more widespread and oozing fluid so that it looked as though I was sweating heavily. Simply delicious!

Oh, I'm so attractive with my gammy eye!

When I got home I immediately went into the bathroom and began to dab at the oozing pustules with tissue, making sure to use a new section of tissue every time to avoid the spread. This seemed to work a treat as today although my eye was still gunked shut and my face is drier than dry the pustules are dessicated so are unable to spread further hurrah!

Luckily on Sunday night when I had an inkling that it could be herpeticum I sought out some left over 800mg Aciclovir tablets from my last bout and was able to take those. I have since been to visit my GP this morning to get a proper lot in which I can finish the course.

Go away herpeticum you're not welcome!


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  2. What does eczema herpe look like? Ur first jist looks like swollen blotches that i have

    1. Hi Lisa! You'd know for sure if you had eczema herpeticum. It literally spreads like wildfire in a matter of days it can be all over your entire body. If you've ever experienced a cold sore that's basically what it is but because the skin is eczematous the cold sores spread all over, unlike someone with healthy skin who would just get one say on their lip. The first stage is pus filled bumps which tingle and itch, and then you're met with shooting pains in each and every vesicle. Once the pus dries it isn't quite so infectious but you have to be careful not to knock off the scabs as it can reignite it. You then get left with unsightly red punched out erosions. If you look through my search tab of "eczema herpeticum" you can see different stages of it. If you search for it in Google images there is also a wealth of photographs showing what it looks like. Hope that helps!

  3. Hope you are doing much better Jenny! I found your blog through an itsan member. I've also suffered from eczema herpeticum about 7-8 times and know how much it sucks! Maybe you have already discussed this with your GP or dermatologist but you could be on a maintenance dose to prevent EH from coming back. I did for a year and it worked fine and now I haven't had it for 2 years.
    As you know you will be ok soon again, hang in there!

  4. Omg I had that once and I can't imagine having that eight times! That's crazy. I hope rest of your journey is free of it!

  5. Hi Jenny, I just found your blog and I can't thank you enough for sharing. You may have just solved my skin mystery for me after 7 months of suffering.

    In August, I contracted HSV 1 on my lips. I had mild acne, no other skin problems. 10 days in, these "new pustules" spread across my entire face. They have never gone away completely since then, but everyone diagnoses them as acne. My face is constantly in pain but dermatologists ignore it and won't biopsy.

    I think based on your descriptions, I may have herpeticum on my face. I have it even when I don't have blisters on my lips.

    I was hoping to maybe confirm a few details? The offenders present like zits, with a pus-filled center. Before they erupt, (which actually happens within hours), the skin becomes red and very itchy. If you pop them, there is pus, but they don't "pop" out of the pores. It is more like a blister has popped open. They can continue to reform for days. They also have a tendency to form in the same spot and leave horrible pitted scars. When they do form, they are very painful as well, but like they are "on the surface of the skin."

    Any advice would be wonderful as I would like to bring this information to a doctor to get assistance. Does this sound like herpeticum? I'm sorry you have to go through the suffering. I also have a chronic illness on top of the facial issues, so I know how hard it can be.

  6. Hello!! My 6 Year old son was diagnosed with Eczema Herpeticum when he was about 2 and a half years old. He deals with bouts of these every few months. Sometimes just a few cold sores sometimes more wide spread. The Acyclovir thankfully is still helpful. Recently a doctor (who at first didn't believe what it was since its so "Rare") took interest in my sons case. He did all the tests and swabs and called me a few days later with results. He basically told me the little bit of info that every doctor who has come across one of these cases has told me. I had hoped that maybe he would offer something different. Unfortunately, my son was a simple excitement for him as he had never seen a case of herpeticum.
    My 6 year old takes is like a champ, and doesn't even notice the stares or questions from other children or even the adults anymore. He takes his meds when necessary, and lets me know when he feels the "Tingle". One day he will be an adult and I hope he continues to cope and deal with it much in the way you do. I'm so glad I found your blog today. I wish you well.

  7. This is an update for everyone at home who has been wondering where I went and what's going on. http://homeremediesforeczema.org/

  8. Hi,
    It's a relief to know that I'm not alone, but also horrible that others are going through the same.
    I've found that a baby eczema lotion with colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera, mixed with birch tar, helps control the uncomfortable burning and itching on the face. This recent bout I've also added some tea tree oil to the mix, and though it stings more initially, it seems to bring even more relief within a short minute. Hope this helps somebody!