Monday, 18 November 2013

Topical Steroid Withdrawal 6 Month Anniversary

I drafted the following post last week however I've woken up today with my eye closed shut with pus and the telltale signs of eczema herpeticum. I'm long over due I guess...

So next Friday will mark my 6 month anniversary of being free from using topical steroids. It will also be around 3 months of quitting immunosuppressants too.

A lot of changes have been happening over this past week. Changes I am so happy about and feel incredibly grateful and optimistic that next year won't be so tough. Next year surely has to be a good year!

I've been taking small steps to be more social, whether this be grabbing a hot drink with fellow colleagues after work, or getting out of the house that little bit more for a browse in the shops, or even picking Shane up from work, I'm doing it and it feels great! I've been making more solid plans such as arranging to attend my work's Christmas party and even paying in advance. For how I've been over the course of this year, I wouldn't have even dreamed of paying cash up front for an event just in case I needed to bail out but I do feel very optimistic that I'll be able to go regardless.

I've now been attending my shifts at work 4 times a week since my last bout of illness in the first week of September. I think this is an amazing achievement as I was off so often that my attendance percentage was sky high and I'd come to the red sheet of warnings far too often than I care to. Obviously my managers understand my condition so knew it was not my fault for needing to take so many sick days but it still stings to sign that final warning sheet, where normally 3 strikes and you're out is the usual procedure. My hours have been creeping up and I even asked if I could take on another day whilst it's the Christmas period. Luckily because it is only a part time job my longest shift only requires me to be there for 6.5hrs. The rest of my days are usually only 4-5hrs, if that but it's still amazing progress!

On Wednesday I probably reached my biggest achievement of all. I was sitting in my craft room actually crafting! When we moved to this house one of the requirements was for me to have a room dedicated to all of my craft things (saying I have a LOT is an understatement!) and it's only taken me a year to be able to use it for its designated purpose. To also further this, the fabric I was using was shedding an awful lot of fibre dust and did I react? No! I'm literally over the moon <3

Also I've been able to start doing a bit of exercise. I am so unfit it is ridiculous! For years now I have been prisoner to the awful heat induced urticaria which is brought on by exertion, meaning exercise was nigh on impossible. Some how I've been able to do cardio, albeit not for long because I get so out of breath(!), but my hives appear to have been kept at bay. Sweating is still a little bit of an issue but I'm not scratching myself frantically as I would have been previously. It definitely feels a lot more tolerable.

I'm so, so happy that my life is slowly but surely getting back on track. Next year I'd like to achieve quite a lot before I hit the big 25; such as going abroad to maybe Norway or somewhere lovely I've never been, finally obtaining a full time job, moving away from this city, starting up a craft based business and finally being able to properly say thank you to Shane for supporting me and being there in my toughest times. Without him I really don't know how I'd of survived.

Life is getting easier.


  1. Happy half year! Hope the EH doesn't give you too much grief this time round. I think the virus does weaken with time. I have a patch by my nose but it's confined to a couple of blisters, hopefully yours will get less serious in subsequent bouts.

  2. Hi Jenny,so happy to hear you are feeling and looking good.Life feels so much better when our skin is under control.What a lovely and inspiring post.Aoibheann xx

  3. HOORAY!! Love hearing this! Maybe in a few months from now, we'll see your blog will be all pictures of handmade lovely crafts instead of skin pics :) I'm glad things are on the general upswing, though sorry to hear about the minor setback you have woken up with. Stay strong and keep crafting :)

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Great to see you doing well! Similar to me, the desire to 'do' something grows greater with every minor improvement we can visually see or even feel. It is a great confirmation that withdrawal really helps! Do visit my blog too for sharing =)