Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Month 4: Noticeable Improvement

So this Sunday just past I reached the 4 month mark of withdrawing from topical steroids. Things are going pretty grand. My skin has been pale for the past fortnight now which is always fantastic to look like a relatively normal human being. However I am still periodically becoming covered in pus filled bumps which I can only assume is the MRSA still rearing its ugly head. It appears to be on a daily basis but the spots seem to disappear just as quickly as they arrive. I've found to try to combat them, as I mentioned in my previous post, is to not moisturise. I think this stops the bacteria from spreading because the moisturiser typically makes the skin hotter and thus inhibits bacterial growth.

I did see my derm nurse this past Friday and I've been given a further 3 months course of the antibiotic which appears to be relatively safe in terms of the side effects etc. It's given to those who suffer from acne and is also used to treat malaria, sexually transmitted infections and is also used for those who travel to prevent them getting nasty infections like ticks and gut rot... some nice trivia there for you. I think MRSA is one of those ones that can take quite a while to overcome so I'll just sit it out.

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the images. I think my camera lens must be covered in grease, as is everything in my life. Anyone else with a skin condition who has to use moisturisers will understand the annoyance of this.

Full length image. Yay looking pretty pale.

I keep scratching my arms, especially my wrists and hands which is a bit of a nightmare but the skin here as you can see is very dry and dryness = itchiness. Can't win can I?

My legs are still really horrible, covered in scabbing which gets soooo itchy! You can see at the top where it's a bit bumpy too due to over-scratching. You can also see the "sleeve" on my feet. But it's not so much due to Red Skin Syndrome, but more so because of the discolouration that has been caused from scratching too much.  

It has spread onto the tops of my feet, just as it has on the tops of my hands. It's so frustrating because those were the two places where I never ever had dermatitis during this journey.

Tummy has a few dots that keep filling with pus now and then but otherwise is really pale and not bothersome.

As mentioned in my last post - I have eyebrows! I've never had proper thick eyebrows and these are rather like my Mum's where they're sparse yet thick in size.

& I thought I'd include my face for good measure. Looks relatively smooth and pale :)  and no Photoshop involved! and my hair is also thickening slightly. I haven't had really thick hair since around the age of 12 so I don't expect miracles but this is certainly better than it was at the beginning of the year.

Tomorrow I have my MRI scan to make sure everything is alright in that head of mine after the suspected mini stroke I had last month. I've never had an MRI scan before so I hope it's not too scary.

Happy healing everyone!


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  2. you're beautiful dear (: i have eczema too and it's not easy but keep smiling! <3