Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 102 - The MRSA Rages On...

I think the MRSA has reared its ugly head again, or I've gone and got myself yet another infection.

I woke up fine yesterday morning, we did our raffle at 2:30 in the afternoon (well done to all the winners!), all was fine until 3pm when we went to leave for Shane's race and I just started feeling icky and itchy all over. An hour later I'm covered from head to toe in a pimply rash. Literally head to toe. Last night I took a recommended bleach bath hoping that would kill some of it off but it's even worse today.

I've been feeling feverish, and even a bath wouldn't warm me up until I filled it with scalding water. I've also been more asleep than awake today. Not good at all. Gonna pop along to my favourite place on earth tomorrow (hospital) to see what can be done. I think with MRSA you're supposed to continue taking the antibiotics until all sign of infection has gone, which despite looking good, it hadn't really... I was only given a 2 week course.

All I can smell is the acrid stench of ooze as though my body is rotting. I feel dreadful. :(

Sorry for not taking any close-up pictures of the pimples themselves but after my arm started literally dripping with ooze I ran up for a bath.

Holding the tissue as I was trying to dab some of the oozing areas
Ankle looks worrying again 
Weeping knee and sexy skin...
Gonna put the next ones under a cut: NSFW



  1. Sending you lots of good thoughts n best wishes. Thank you for posting brave photos, they really help me when I'm feeling like I'm alone in suffering with unmanageable skin. Xxxx Jess

  2. See if you can get your thyroid levels and adrenal glands tested (blood tests; adrenal gland blood test is a fasting one). They help regulate body temperature and if one level is low, it can cause a lot of problems that can imitate steroid withdrawal.