Thursday, 5 September 2013

TSW - Reek of Putrefaction

So I seem to have gotten pretty much over the constant oozing. It was so vile and smelt worse than any other time I've oozed in the past. Absolutely rank! I actually felt nauseous whenever I got a big whiff of it which was near constantly. Blergh! Not to everyone's tastes but this song by death metal band, Carcass, has a pretty apt title, hence why I decided to use it... Glad the ooze has seemingly diminished now anyway.

I'm still really bad though, and up until yesterday it was still spreading like crazy through pus filled bumps. I still have a lot of them but have also endured a bit of peeling too. I attribute this to trying to keep my skin as dry as possible. It hurt like hell not moisturising the creases of my arms, legs and neck but I read somewhere that to stop bacterial wetness from spreading you must dry out the area. With the area being my entire body this has been no mean feat and I've had to surrender to sitting/ laying down in one position on the couch. Today I have finally allowed my body moisture so we'll see how this pans out.

Shane took a couple of photos the other night but despite the phrase "a picture speaks a thousand words" I don't think it does at all because it hasn't been able to capture the full extent of my sufferings. You can however see the skin has literally puckered though.  It was SO dry and cracked!

In other news Talkhealth Partnership, who I also blog for about my condition, got into contact with me asking if I'd like to write my eczema story for them to feature in this month's newsletter. Of course I obliged! So you can read that here: My Eczema Story on Talkhealth. I also have some other great news in the pipeline but I'll keep tight lipped about that until it happens.

Happy healing everyone!

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